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We have an amazing hostel in Faro and want you to be part of our team. We need enthusiastic and social people to help us. This is an amazing opportunity to spend some time in the sunny Algarve region and to meet people from different cultures while helping us to run a friendly and fun hostel. So, hard-working, enthusiastic and creative people: you can stop looking for another host, pack your stuff and come to Faro!

We offer great conditions for volunteers to work and also to enjoy their time with us. The working hours are fair and we give good accommodation and delicious food in return!

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I definitely had one of the most amazing experience in my life! It was my first experience as a worldpacker and it wouldn’t be better than what I had! The hostel has such a great energy and vibe! The installation is great and Diego always made me feel part of the family helping me and being friendly! The shifts were ok and we have plenty of time to enjoy the city and around! I extremely recommend this experience in Le Penguin hostel and I’ll definitely go back again at least for visiting! Thanks Le penguin family

5 days ago


I spent at le penguin three weeks in July. The best thing of the experience was having beautiful volunteers that shared the journey with me. We had many problems:firstly “the staff house” didn’t have the floor and the bed didn’t have a proper materass, our room didn’t have a window, and the shatters were broken: we didn’t have our privacy. The host got mad with us because between volunteers we became very close friends; the host got mad with us because we didn’t want to drink every night. In the announcement said “free drinks”: just joking, you just have discount, also for water CRAZY.

6 days ago


The experience was great thanks to the other volunteers and full time staff. It was also worth getting to know the guests who were very nice. However, the owner of the hostel was rude ,arrogant and never grateful with the volunteers. He made you feel umconfortable and had a very immature attitude. Thank goodness my colleagues were great. I wouldn't recommend to volunteer in this hostel, at least while the owner remains the same person.

15 days ago

Diego replied

Celia was part of the 4 spanish people who came here without telling me they were all friends from back home. We have tried many times to integrate them in our group to make them confortable., but they had no interest in being with anyone else who was not part of their group. She couldnt understand what kind of people we want here, and instead of that would just question the ways things are done at this hostel. It was not the right place for her, she probably knew about it once she read the message I send to the applicants, but she still came because I was the only idiot who accepted their whole group. I would be very glad if you guys had gone to another hostel, specially now that we have a great group of fun and social volunteers working here. And please pay your bar consumption, because there's not really an excuse for such a dishonest behaviour.


The only downside of my experience was having the owner of the hostel around most of the nights. He's arrogant, rude and a bit of a creep. He made the volunteers (and some guests) feel uncomfortable and tense, as he would constantly try to force drinking games and alcohol on us. The best nights we ever had there were definitely the ones when the guy wasn’t around and we could actually have fun.
I'd recommend against staying in this hostel, but if you do, bear in mind that you’ll have to suck up to him (even if he's always rude and condescending) if you want to get on his good side.

18 days ago

Diego replied

From all the spanish volunteers, Maite was the most unpleasent one. From the first day she wouldn't even look at me or the staff to say good morning or smile. Then surprinsigly she wants people to be super nice to her. You can learn about the drinking games and going out on the message I sent to you when you applied and on the thousands of reviews we have online. If I was going to do an experience like that, I would make sure I have done my research well to find a place that suits me. It was bad experince for both of us: you come to wrong place, and I got the wrong person. At least I gave everything I promised. You didn't even had the decency to pay your bar consumption, even after we asked you many times to do, and you still ignored our messages after. I call it stealing, but it seems like we have very different standards.


DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSTEL. The boss is the most arrogant and rude person I have ever met in my life. I would never have gone if someone had warned me.
He has two hired full time workers, and SEVEN volunteers working for free in a small hostel with less than 20 beds. And of course, he didn’t work. He is never happy, never grateful . He gets angry if you don’t drink every day. He wouldn’t let us have dinner outside or go out after dinner. It was either you went out to party with him and the guests, or you went to bed (Plus, the Staff room has bad conditions. I slept in a mattress on the floor)

18 days ago

Diego replied

It's funny how these reviews are proving my point: you guys only do what the others do. If read all the reviews below, there are no complaints like yours. You know why? Because they came here looking for a hostel experience, not for a trip with friends. The drinking a partying is well described in the message I sent you when you applied. If you didn't agree with that, why did you come? We hire a lot of volunteers to keep the good vibes of the hostel, something you never understood. It was not about going for dinner outside, it was about 6 people behaving like sheeps and following the others. You have never complained about the conditions, but, come on, I have slept on a mattress on the floor for many years. I think this already says a lot about your personality.

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