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I am looking for a volunteer, preferably male, who's keen to explore the world, make new friends, and get the most of of "Lisbon Experience" where i can show him/her around, host dinners etc along with my other friends.

Its like being another 'housemate' . I already have a final year architecture student from Brazil who is studing his final Semester in Lisbon, but he has travel plans. Hence in am looking for one more support person while he is travelling.


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Sid is a great host, and he showed himself to be a very empathetic and understandable person with me, being flexible about the dates of my experience at his home because of the coronavirus! He managed to give me security and confidence in such a difficult time and with so many questions and uncertainties! I will be forever grateful! The apartment is very well located, the work is easy to do, and it offers a comfortable room for our accommodation. It was great to be able to practice and learn some English with Sid, in addition to our conversations and cultural exchanges!

11 months ago



My experience was great! Sid is very patient and, when I arrived, I actually saw that my English was not as good as I thought LOL, because at home I only spoke English, but that was wonderful, because I was able to improve my English and learn a little. I really enjoyed the city because I had a lot of time off, and now I know how to apply wallpaper hahaha Thanks for everything.

12 months ago

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