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We are in a beautiful and quiet area of Chicago. It is very safe. We are near the train and the highway so it is easy to get to the City Center (10-11 miles from the house.) To repeat, it is near the train and not near the city center. The rental space is like a home.

Thank you so much for your patience as I am only on this website once a week, at best. Volunteers will be given some supervision and assistance in the beginning few days. After that, they will be managing the list of responsibilities and tasks that is given to every volunteer. If they need assistance or get overwhelmed, I can come and help them. The O'Hare Guest House has room for volunteers that take their commitment seriously. There will be time to show them around Chicago on the weekends and show them my favorite areas of the city. Also, if the weather is good, we make a trip to the Chicago Botanic Gardens. We also do a "American BBQ (barbecue) project" where we have a BBQ party in the backyard's garden. We'll invite friends and practice English with the guests and eat barbecue food.


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.La casa è molto accogliente e si trova a 45/50 Min dal centro by train.
La cucina è grande e puoi prepararti quello che desideri
Mary è sempre stata disponibile.
Hai a disposizione una bicicletta per spostarti.
Gli orari sono stati rispettati e all'interno dell'orario ti è concesso pranzare o fare colazione.
Siamo usciti per San Patrick e abbiamo condiviso alcune ore assieme a un'altra ospite anche.
Sicuramente lo consiglio, ci ritornerei volentieri.
I Will treasure this experience
It was a pleasure to meet you

Grazie 🙏🤠

about 1 month ago



Truly a unique experience! I always felt like if I was home. Mary is an excellent host. She has a remarkable sense of responsibility and leadership. In spite the fact that she's working 24/7, she is always making sure that all the volunteer and guests needs are taken care of. The tasks at the house are really simple and can be done in a very short period of time, leaving you plenty of time to relax before, during and after your shift.
The guest house is located in a friendly, quiet neighborhood and is 15 minutes away from Harlem subway station, which takes you directly to downtown Chicago.

about 2 months ago



The experience was excellent, Mary is very attentive, organized, and respectful about the agreed commitment. The house is close to the train station which is great for getting to know Chicago. I recommend this experience because the job is simple and you can meet people from around the world. My time there was ideal for practicing my English. Thanks a lot Mary and I hope to visit Chicago anytime soon.

about 2 months ago



My stay was very nice, the place was cozy, the tasks weren’t difficult and I had time to know the city and meet friends. I had to work for 4-5 hours and the tasks were keep the house clean, be attentive about guest check-in and check-out, and do laundry sometimes. Also, Mary always needs to know everything so if something change with your stay, tasks, schedule or something else, it’s appropriate that you talk to her, the communication and patient is the key to do this volunteer.

2 months ago



I had an amazing experience at this house. The tasks are not so hard, the house's enviroment is good, Mary cares about the volunteer. The house is not so far from the subway station, you also have the local commerce close. It was my first time with worldpackers and it couldn't be better! I'm very happy and grateful for lived that great experience!

4 months ago

Mary replied

It was really great having you with us. Thank you for all your help. Enjoy the next part of your journey. If you visit Chicago again, I'd be happy to host you.

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