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Amazing nature with a peaceful lake that you have almost on your own. Here you will find peace in mind - just by being here. You will be served good vegetarian food. This place is for you who have creative and artistic ideas and may use 40 acres for artistic work with natural materials found on the property. You will be supported and inspired by a professional Land artist and by all means find a great companionship when it comes to exchange of a travelers heart In the Photo Gallery there are different options of how your private space looks like. You may stay in clamping tent or if you prefer indoors. Indoors you will share kitchen and bathroom with Marie Gayatri. If you chose to stay in tent, you have total privacy -except for melas, being served at the house. Making fires outdoor is allowed during summer season. Please notice you will have to stay here AT LEAST FOR 7-10 DAYS AND MAXIMUN 2 MONTHS. This because it takes a lot of time to introduce anyone to the large areas I have. If you would like to just bee here and join some of ongoing activities and work processes - this is what's on for 2023 - welcome. Spring and summer Afforestation During the spring, new forest is planted when needed. In 2023 I will plant pine on 3 hectares, and it needs to be done in May. Culture Do you like to grow veggies and herbs? There a vegetable garden that can grow even bigger and better with your help. Pre-cultivation begins indoors, planting outdoors April – May. You water the old-fashioned way from a yard well. Animals with new and old fences Every year in the month of May, I rent cows that graze until October on 4 hectares of meadow and forest land. This means some work with looking over fences. Partly setting up new, repairing and continuously keeping an eye on both cows and fences. There are also old stone walls here, they have collapsed since long ago, and can be restored to their original appearance. This is remains of stone walls that a few hundred years ago kept the animals in place instead of today's electric fence. The area is beautifully situated with meadows that slope down towards the lake. Art tours The annual art tour is held at the end of May every year - then artists open their studios to visitors - mine is everything that is outside, forest, lake, meadows, land art, old barns and a lot of photographs from artworks I have completed around the world. Build bridge a la Land art There is a fantastic private spot where it would be perfect to make a bridge in to the water, out into the lake - how about swimming there! Just you and nature! I have 80 pieces of pre-cut birch logs saved for the project. There are also aluminum rods for a construction if you want to combine metal and wood. Firewood storage Logs need to be brought home from the forest, split them and laid out for drying over the summer months. Glamping test I own two tents that are ready to be set up and planning to receive guests to see if the concept can work. The tents must be in place by the end of June at the latest - rental season July, August. 2023 is a test period when I rent out to different networks and acquaintances to see how it works and what needs to be improved. Monumental Land Art There is a pasture of nearly 3 hectares of tall grass where you can do Monumental Land art. Then with a tractor, of course. This should be done during the summer months of June – August. I will invite a couple of artists to make artwork and document the event through a video and drone. The event will be posted on social media and my website www.mariegayatri.se Autumn Museum and old sheds On the farm there is a collection of old farming tools that were used on the farm. They are in a shed, and it is a development area for those of you who are interested in culture and ethnology. Making efforts with the museum is best suited during summer and autumn because there is no electric heating in the barns. If you enjoy carpentry, there is a great need for interior improvements in the old barns. There, new floors need to be laid, insulation improved, etc. The exterior is governed by certain regulations because the entire farm has antiquarian value. Exterior restoration requires expert efforts according to old methods and tools. Firewood storage Wood that is split or has been left to dry over the summer must be stacked before winter. During the autumn, apples, vegetables, spices etc. are harvested. The forest offers both herbs and mushrooms that are dried and stored in different ways. At the end of September-October, docks and boats must be picked up and gone through, such as painting oars and cleaning boats and docks before winter storage. Autumn is also a time when forest management resumes and when the inventory of the forest is reviewed. Clearing of sly begins as soon as the leaves fall and continues for periods until the leaves emerge in the spring (april). Here are cold winters and sometimes many months with a lot of snow, when some forest management cannot be carried out. In the fall and spring of 2023, major clearing efforts will be needed in several different planting areas. The winter season is between December and mid-March. Then the farm is not open for visitors.

Marie Gayatri is a Land artist working worldwide with Nature Art project until pandemic period became a reality. Now she lives at a farm opening up as a workshop space for those whom would like to learn, experiment, challenge or collaborate with the natural surrounding. Marie Gayatri is an advanced art teacher with focus on outdoor art and creative expressions. She has been teaching worldwide for more than 15 year. It is recommended to stay at her farm for at least a week. Marie Gayatri will help you get started, then you work independently. It is expected of you to visualize your ideas and have a close communication with Marie Gayatri before you start your creative process at her farm. Marie Gayatri is a fun person to hang around with, a good experienced host and communicative.

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