Love is the Prize

We are in the midst of gorgeous rural native trees and nature away from urban life here. We are not affiliated with any particular spiritual ideology or philosophy with a central authority, but we are rather a community of truth seekers learning and growing in the mirror of relationship and intelligent questioning of everything; and love, we believe, is the only light in this spiritual journey.

We are a Spiritual retreat center located close to the beautiful town of Julian in Southern California. We are located about an hour drive away from San Diego, and we are a few miles away from Julian. We also have weddings in our property. We have very Yummy, healthy and organic Vegan and Vegetarian food here shared with all community members. We would love to welcome new members who would like to have some peaceful time and help us in the ways that fit them best. There are no corporate type of strict living/working here, but rather a friendly and family like environment in which people figure out the best ways of contributing to the community through open and free discussions. We need help especially for teaching Yoga, cooking, gardening, housekeeping, carpentry, building little houses, help with weddings and artists for our tree paintings for the Native Plants Garden project. Please feel free to contact us if you feel you can contribute to our community in any way. Shared room or camping accommodation includes Food. Work exchange expectancy is around 25 hours/week. Minimum stay is 10 days. Everyone gets two days off each week when requested. We expect to share at least one meal a day. We also expect help with either the preparation and/or help with clean up. We sense anyone can help clean-up their dishes but not anyone can cook? No worries if you can’t cook, we can teach you or we usually have volunteers who are very interested in meal making. We eat very healthy. Everyone eats but everyone is not required to eat together for all of the meals. Everyone is expected to keep the common areas clean. Since our common area also doubles as a retreat center which is like a hotel business on the weekends generally, we expect a tidy as you go mentality. We don’t expect neat freaks but if you know you are a person who is generally messy and likes to live that way this place may not be the best fit. We feel great satisfaction delivering high quality food to appreciative volunteers.

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