Low Gear Farmstead

If you are interested in experiencing rural Texas as we build our permaculture based farm, this may be a good fit. We have many projects in mind, although it will be a gradual process to get to them. We are starting this farm from scratch. First on the list of projects are raising laying hens from chicks and buying dairy goats. We also hope to incorporate permaculture planting using as many native and adapted species as possible. Rain water catchment systems are something we want to develop as well.

It's just me and my fiance and our dogs. Its going to be a very small farming operation, mostly just subsistence farming. We are starting our farm with very little capital and do not expect to earn much money. We just want to live off the land to the fullest extent that we are able to. This will be a gradual process to make it to that point. Volunteers are guaranteed a tent to live in and will have access to the house for kitchen and bathroom usage. Hopefully, we'll be producing enough food to share some with volunteers, but at this point that is not a guarantee. Right now, all we can offer is fresh eggs! We hope volunteers will enjoy helping us with various projects to start our farm and will be able to enjoy the surrounding area as well.

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I would like to recommend this experience to everybody. The days I was in the farm were incredible! Logan and Geer are lovely and friendly. They help you in all you need. I was looking for an authentic experience in the rural part of USA and now I can say that I have done it!
Thanks Logan, Geer and Coombs for everything!!

about 2 months ago


This experience has been amazing! I have learnt a lot of new things like: to feed chickens and goats, prepare prickly pear jelly... Logan and Geer are incredible, they have opened their house and help me in everything! I have learn new things about american culture! If you want to live an unforgettable experience, you have to come in Logan and Geer farm!
Logan and Geer, if you come to Barcelona, you have our house!

about 2 months ago

United States

Employees were super nice, the animal keepers as well, animals were active and I loved to feed the little goat and chickens every morning!
The farm is pretty small but really cozy.
I would definitely repeat the experience :)

6 months ago

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