Lus Mór B&B

This is a colorful and funky house with great people passing through and staying over to mainly explore the Wicklow hills and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

This B&B has a great atmosphere and is always homely and welcoming to many guests from all over the world. Here we mainly provide bed and breakfast and friendly information to all of our guests. The house holds a maximum of 24 guests so it is quite small and never too hectic. This is a fun place to be.

We require some help checking in guests in the afternoons. We would like to familiarise our new helper with the local area so that they can give walking advice to guests and general activities in the area.
All just as simple as it seems :)

We need a hand for general kitchen work for making packed lunches and breakfast.

General cleaning/housekeeping after guests leave the house needs also be done. But as it is a small house, it does not take long to finish it :)

It is vitally important that volunteers are genuinely happy people and enjoy interacting with other people. A good sense of humour. When working in hospitality the hosts' attitude will set the mood for the day :)
" We are here for a good time not a long time".

There is a big room to share with other volunteers. It has bunk beds and storage place.
Our volunteers can eat freely as they wish, although we prefer shared meals. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free is no problem, however we're serving meat to guests, which means everybody has to be ok with touching meat.
Either connecting with our guests or enjoying the silence on a walk - it's your choice. I will show you the best hikes around the house and I'll give you some other tips for your free time.
If I am free, I am more than happy to bring you to places you have to see while staying with us.

We have an indoor dog and two miniature ponies on-site.
This is not a party hostel, this is more a relaxed place to come together.
No drugs

We are James and Grace. We own and run Lus Mor B&B with the help of our wonderful housekeeper Annemarie. We love meeting new people and foster a family atmosphere. We are keen to make sure our volunteers have an authentic fun Irish experience while working alongside volunteers and guests from all over the world.


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Lus mor was definitely an amazing experience that I will always keep in my heart, the contact with nature is the best, the tasks and schedules were very clear and in the hostel I always had access to everything I needed to be comfortable. Good place to learn a lot about hospitality and improve your English.
Thank you guys for everything! Annemarie, Grace and James were always very kind and I was also lucky to have such a wonderful manager like Rebecca, I love you!

6 months ago



It was an amazing experience. I was able to improve my English a lot more and learn a lot from everyone at Lus Mór. Thank you again for everything and I recommend everyone who wants to be in an environment where you can make new friends, improve your language and have contact with nature all together.

7 months ago

United States


My time at Lus Mor was fantastic!! The work was exactly as described and it was a great area to go hiking. Rebecca, Annemarie, James, and Grace were fantastic and would recommend to anyone looking for a quiet but fun stay in small town Ireland ☘️

7 months ago

United States


Although my experience at Lus Mor was a bit different than what I initially expected, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at this countryside B&B. Lus Mor is teeming with avid hikers, global travelers, local builders, and good energy! It was lovely getting to know all of these guests and quite fulfilling contributing to the running of this bustling business. Some favorite moments included hiking to Lough Tay (Guinness Lake), spending time with my fellow volunteers, and admiring the beauty of Wicklow. A huge thanks to Annemarie, James, Grace, Rebecca, and the kind people of Roundwood for the memories!

8 months ago

United States


This place is so so beautiful! There is so much hiking around the area and a small village near by. Hosts are all super generous with rideshares and taking you out on trips and excursions! Definitely a great experience for anyone who wants to get out of the city and just enjoy nature!

9 months ago

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