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WELCOME FRIENDS! KARIBU! My name is Baraka and together with my wife Juliana and great colleagues/volunteers we are working very hard with most vulnerable children in the Sakala village, close to Loliondo - Tanzania, by running an orphanage and school that supports over 300 kids from 3 to 15. Loliondo is located on the heart of a Maasai community land bordering the world famous Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Conservation Park (both considered a world biological reserve for the wildlife it contains). It is a very safe place! Our project was founded in 2003 to provide great education to students and living conditions to orphans from our community who live in poverty. The purpose of our project is to bring relief to the people by fighting against ignorance, poverty and diseases - the biggest enemies of Tanzania. The vision of the school is that through education, students and families will be inspired to attain their full potential and reach social and economic independence. We also run a health program that is dedicated to tackling health issues that most affect our members such as HIV/AIDS and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). BENEFITS OF VOLUNTEERING We believe we can offer a life-changing experience to the Project volunteers!! Not only because you will be able to help us in our great challenge of keeping it running but also because it will change how you see our community, our country, the whole Africa! You will be immersed on our daily lives, understand deeply our culture, our history, our language. We are sure you will learn swahili and massai words to bring with you! Besides, you will deeply understand Maasai culture, their traditions, their homes and villas, the real maasai dreadlocks, the maasai dancing, the maasai market, etc. Besides, we can organize safari trips to Serengetti and Ngorongoro parks (considered two of the bests for wildlife spotting) which are very close from our area. We can organize all types of safari trips from budget/camping options to hotels and lodges inside the parks. Since we are so close, day trips are a possibility too! Safari activities include walking safaris, mountain trekking, game viewing, photographic excursions, etc. Please let us know if you also would be interested in having a certification of appreciation upon completion of your volunteer in the project, so we can apply arrange it for you. OPERATION OF SCHOOL AND ORPHANAGE Today we work with 2 different units. At Unit 1 we have kids from nursery school through primary (grade) 4, as well as the orphanage accommodations. At Unit 2 we have older kids from pre-unity to middle grade, accommodated in 6 classrooms. The project has now 18 teachers and 3 aunties for younger kids. Last year we had 300 kids studying with us and more or less 100 kids living with us. Currently we are very focused on improving conditions of the project, with many plans for the future. As we have recently purchased the land where Unit 2 is located, our main plan is to join efforts to move our Unit 1 infrastructure to this land and not pay rent anymore. We are very excited about that! Among other future projects we want to: (A) build new classrooms and a kitchen/eating room at Unit 2; (B) build dormitories as well as a proper nursery place for orphaned students and (C) build a volunteer house. We also are joining efforts to plant trees and improve the current buildings at Unit 2 (such as toilets and staff room).

Our staff has 29 people from our community among teachers, aunties, cooks, driver for the school bus, security and cleaning. They are all committed to the kids education and well being and willing to work hard in order to give them an opportunity to escape poverty and have a better future. Volunteers are most welcomed here and we will do our very best to make you feel at home. By the symbolic amount of USD 5/day, we provide accommodation and tasty food. Accommodation: Volunteers are welcomed to stay at our premises, in one of our project's accommodations. We offer simple but clean, comfortable living spaces. You will either stay in a single or shared (same gender) room, depending on the host situation and peak versus off-peak seasons. The bathroom is shared with other people in the accommodation. We provide volunteers with towels, bed linens and blankets laundries. We also have plenty space around if you want to bring your own sleeping bags, camping tents, etc. Single travelers are welcome and it is a safe place. We make sure to assist you in any way. Food: Volunteers are offered three meals a day (breakfast, lunch & dinner) and vegetarian meals are also available. We offer locally available, fresh and nutritious food in meals held together with other volunteers and people working at the project as well. Please let us know in advance if you have any special restriction so we can adjust it for you! I hope you feel curious and interested in joining us at the Project. If you need more information than what is provided here, we are happy to answer all your questions and provide the best advice on general issues such health, culture, weather, excursions, travel, visas, safety and special events. Also, please be sure to find us on social networks! There are some good materials. Travelling by yourself is not a problem. We will guide you all the way to us, we can even make sure someone assists you. Please feel free to contact us. We hope to hear from you soon!

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