Maison Bleue

My beautiful holiday and seminar center, in a quiet idyllic location in the countryside with many nice surprises, invites you to live here for a while together and work together.

There is a large self-catering vegetable garden, many fruit trees, bees, chickens, horses and donkeys and many birds; also two dear dogs and a few cats live here. There are 5 cottages, a pizzeria, a pyramid for events, but also a pool and a sauna. The people who spend time with us have their own house at their disposal, such as cooking and eating together at least once a day. We play, discussing and have fun and a good time together. This place is a vegetarian place!!


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mi experiencia en general fue muy buena. el lugar es agradable y las tareas son versátiles. pero siempre durante el horario acordado. tuvimos oportunidad de conocer otros lugares y de conocer voluntarios de otros países. En general fue buena

2 days ago



My experience in Maison Bleue was good. I had my own room, it was nice but very warm (hit 40 degrees in my last week). The volunteer's house is good but needs improvements. Phillipe is a good host, he took us to a bbq in the river, a festival in Switzerland, however, he has a particular personality and opinions that sounds a bit rude. I worked mostly with gardening and housekeeping, the working hours were respected and food was provided. Harvesting and cooking fresh ingredients was amazing! Thanks Philippe, Melani, and the other volunteers who made my experience enjoyable!

30 days ago

United States


Everything about my experience was wonderful, except for the host. I met many amazing and interesting people, which was the highlight of my stay. As for Phillipe, he can often be rude and outright mean, not to mention his instructions can be very unclear due to his lacking English. He has a habit of talking bad about volunteers behind their backs or after they leave. It’s clear he thinks that he is more intelligent and superior than everyone else because of bio/eco-friendly life that he lives. He also constantly spewed stereotypical rhetoric based on your nation of origin. Would not recommend

about 2 months ago

United Kingdom


I went to Maison Bleu for research for my own potential eco retreat. I mainly fixed curtains with some gardening, cleaning & cooking. Philippe is particular about what’s allowed & has strong opinions. Sometime this can come across as rude. But he is punctual and fair with the working hours and we got on ok. He took us to a great street performance festival that was on.
The site is rustic & I found the volunteer house dirty, tired & in need of some upgrades/repairs. It is 13km from the nearest town so very remote. My advice is be prepared, come with an open mind and plenty of books to read.

2 months ago



As my third volunteer I’ve found my stay here quite interesting and out of my comfort zone which was what I was looking for.
I had my own room and it was really nice and warm since I went there in summer. The volunteers house is good, it has everything a human being need.
Phillipe is a good person and host, he took us to the river, fireworks and a festival in Chalon, however, he has a particular character and strong opinions that sometimes he turns out being a little bit rude.
Overall, I had a good time here. Thanks Philippe and the other volunteers who made this experience enjoyable!

2 months ago

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