Maison Gwel ar Mor

Volunteers should choose our place for two reasons: First, the house is exceptionally well located at the seaside and the Brittan coast is absolutely awesome and rich in possibilities. Second, our family is well experienced in flat-sharing, and we enjoy being in company with others: We are happy not only to share working time and food but also to have nice discussions and (if desired) to spend time on sports activities or outings in the region. We hope that the volunteering will be a mutually enriching experience.

The staff is basically our family (two adults). We have a lot of experience living in culturally diverse settings. We've been studying, volunteering, and working abroad ourselves (in Finland, Belgium, Germany, and the United States). We certainly treat volunteers with respect and understanding for their needs, and we expect volunteers to treat us the same. Note: There will also be a few professionals in the house from time to time (but they will not work together with the volunteers).

New Host
Brand new host looking for people to collaborate with each other.

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Contact with nature

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