Maktub Guest House

If you looking for a break in your life its a perfect place, its a really quiet house, and the village its samall paradise, always sunshine , you can relaxing swim do yoga its a place with nature , if you like to learn ,i love to teach my gastronomy and my culture

We always need help ,we have a little garden bar in the guest house , and we also have a little restaurant , at the moment my father hes sailling around the world ,so alone its not easy , i like to be around of diferents cultures ,i like to learn linguages and gastronomy, i also love to teach my culture and my gastronomy ,accepted a worldpacker in my place i like to fell good with this personne and of course its part of my family, im a hard worker and im always looking the paradise ,full of love , and of course really calm persone

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experience very cool in a moment that needed to experience what I experienced in the period, many lessons learned !!!

4 months ago

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