Lot of space. Huge park with old trees. In the countryside with possibility to make endless and safe walks out of trafficked places. In the center of Tuscany; from where many touristic hotspots can be easily reached and visited within daily public transport schedule (bus stop at 500 m). Availability of bicycle. Private room. Silence (disturbed by bird-songs). Working time and activities to be programmed by the volunteer in agreement with me; as there is not much to do out of normal house maintenance and gardening. Ideas to develop new activities welcome! Links to neighbors' agricultural activities: vineyards, wine-cellar and tourism, organic farming.

65. Retired. At present alone in the house (relatives and friends could come and stay at any time, but there is plenty of room). No staff. No specific task for the volunteer; (s)he is expected to give a hand in what (s)he is more prone to. Therefore (s)he'll share the house with me, collaborate, and decide together with me how to organize her/his time.

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