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We have an Eco Lodge just outside of El Valle. This place is quite magical! We are sure you will fall in love with it! We can have up to 8 volunteers at our place at a time. Instagram: Mamallenaecolodge Webpage: At Mamallena Ecolodge you will meet lots of interesting people from all over the world, reconnect with the nature and yourself at time.

What we need help with... Morning shifters- getting coffee, tea, milk, sugar and hot water ready. Also we serve a variety of dishes for being pancakes! You will for sure become a King or Queen of making pancakes! Also making sure the areas are clean as we will be making juices at times as well from the fruits we have around the farm. 7am-11am (4hrs.) Afternoon shifters- this will depend on what experiences you have had that you will be able to share with us (artist, carpenter, gardening, electrician...etc.) If you are an all arounder, you will be able to help giving us a hand on some of the current projects we have going on. We will help guide you on what to do while you are here. Ranges from garden maintenance, recycling projects, painting, landscaping, pruning some of the plants and helping in the kitchen. Will be helping us make lunch...we will help teach you some of the recipes we have at the lodge to prepare for the clients that would like to eat. WIll for sure be some fun in the kitchen! 11am-3pm. (4hrs) Evening shifters- this will be for helping with dinner and bartending!! If you are not experienced, not to worry!!! We will help teach you. We will also help teach you some of the lodge recipes :) any specialties you may have are very welcome as well! You will begin the shift prepping for dinner cutting veggies and getting things ready to cook. Making sure the fridge is stocked with drinks is a must as we serve drinks all day, including this time of the evening...making sure clients are looked after and their hands are not without a tasty beverage is a good thing as well! After dinner is served (7-730pm) we will make sure the kitchen area is clean and prep for cocktails. If there are any deserts we have made we can offer to clients as well as teas from around the globe. Depending on the evening, we can also prepare a fire for the evening. Shift ends with making sure that everything is clean and put away. 530pm-930pm (4hrs) ***Specific skills we need at the moment*** Yoga Instructors- we are wanting to continue to offer free yoga to clients! It helps sustain the wonderful energy we have at the lodge as well as helping to encourage the practice of yoga in general! Construction- we have several renovations going on at the moment and any carpentry skills would be a great help! Agriculture- we have tons of fruit trees and plants growing around the lodge! We would like to continue giving them the love they need. Artists- we have plenty of walls that serve as canvases for you to express your personality onto :) ***All shifts in exchange for the 4 hrs a day (5 days a week) will receive a bed to sleep in as well as pancake breakfast! You are also welcome to coffee and tea whenever you would like. Speaking Spanish is not required as you will be able to practice and learn if you would like with the locals while you are here.


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Mamallena es un lugar muy bonito, pretty como se dice aca en panama.
Esta ubicado en la cima de un cerro tiene una vista increible, ademas q pasa un pequeño rio.
Hay varias caminatas q se pueden realizar cercanas al lodge.
A una hora en auto hacia el oeste hay playas.
En la otra dirección entre los cerros hay varios paseos para conocer india dormida, chorro macho ,unas piletas termales, un mariposoario,etc.
Destaco la buena energia de los afintriones q siempre nos ayudaron en la tareas y en el tiempo libre recorrimos la zona realmente inolvidable.



grandes personas, muy amables y consientes :)





Brandon replied

Gracias Bruno! Bien trabajo en el jardin!!!


Recomiendo este voluntariado porque el lugar es muy hermoso! Súper tranquilo! Cerca de un mirador desde donde se ve el hostal como un punto blanco entre el verde del monte! También cerca de la Laguna y del río. En mis días libres visité el Valle de Antón que esta buenísimo para ir y hacer los muchos senderos que tiene!
Las tareas en el hostel son variadas: limpiar las cabañas y habitaciones, trabajos de jardinería (recoger hojas, plantar piñas), hacer mermelada de mango ❤️❤️❤️ .
También medianamente cerca del hostel está la playa Coronado con arena volcánica (vlad nos llevó 😍🇵🇦👌🏽)


Brandon replied

Gracias Adelina por estar con nosotros en Mamallena, fue un placer de tener te! Nos encanto su prisencia nosotros sentimos como eras nuestra parte de familia. Gracias por toda su ayuda y su linda energia. Espero que voelvas pronto al nuestro Lodge :)


Stayed 1 month in Mamallena, it was very good, peacefull ans quiet.
Don t expect to have a great fun with the manager, he changes always mood, love to stay alone and not listen you if you want to give him some advices (every things have to be and to to do in his way).
Dogs are lovely and you will feel good overthere if you love nature.
Thanks for all !


Brandon replied

That is true don't expect fun with manager when he is busy at work. To add value to others, one must first value others Sophie.
Safe onward travels, hope you have some wonderful adventures ahead in all aspects of your life :)

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