Mamorwa : sacred Arhuaco land

Mamorwa is an educational project to learn to live in harmony with the laws of life, initiated by elders of the Arhuaco people. “Mamorwa” in ikʉ can be translated as "the thoughts of Mother" or "the Mother of all thoughts". For the Mamos of Mamorwa, humans and Mother Earth heal when they reunite. Mamorwa is an invitation to encounter Mother Earth, and align to her thoughts. Mamorwa represents the balance and respect of Nature’s laws, of Kunsamʉ. Mamorwa is the choice to follow a gentle mountain path, to be at one with its pure rivers, with the thousand year old trees which have chosen to call it home and the great monkeys who roam in their midst, and offer their song to the piercing echo of dawn. It is an opportunity to find our true Humanity once again, by renewing a deep and living bond with Mother Earth. This calls us to follow once again the flow of our life like one of a river with its fluctuations, to let go of what was previously imprisoning us and leading us to go against the natural current of life, moved again by our profound aspirations.

Juan and Duavico, two Mamo brothers, looked for a sacred place where to plant this seed, a land wide open to the world, their intention being to deliver this message to humanity. In 2012, from this powerful starting place, the Ecological Reserve of Mamorwa was born, a sacred sanctuary on the Arhuaco territory. Duavico and Juan are Mamos of the Arhuaco people of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. To be a Mamo is to be the guarantor of the ancestral wisdom of their people. It is to be the guardian of the knowledge that a life in adequacy with the laws of the nature, allows the human being and the earth to heal each other, to finally communicate. The two brothers describe Mamorwa as a sacred site where we receive the words, where we meet our solution. The words are those of Mother Earth for which the Mamos become translators. Today Mamorwa is a land of encounter, of discovery and exchange, both an ecological reserve and a site dedicated to self-awareness and healing. Mamorwa welcomes anyone who feels a deep call to approach the knowledge, ancestral wisdom and medicine of the Mamos. Welcome to you who wish to discover our site, bearer of a profound message for the heart of human and Mother Earth.

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