Manywa Initiative for Children

Manywa Initiative for Children has evolved into more than just a school. For the children, it is their second home were they receive love and attention beyond just education.
Furthermore, we also spearhead various community projects that better the living conditions for the inhabitants of Manywa in different ways.

You will get the opportunity to teach and care for the children at school, or even take charge of any of these projects if you are able or ambitious. This could be anything from establishing a bakery or a water well, building a playing area, or running a course on first aid. It is completely up to you how you feel you can contribute.

In your free time you can go enjoy many of the experiences The Pearl of Africa (Uganda) has to offer, be it waterfalls, the city of Kampala, Lake Victoria, our stunning natural parks or the very place you'll stay in - Manywa. Even when working you'll be subject to incredible experiences you will not find at home.

Manywa Initiative for Children (MIC) has a committed team of locals and volunteers from various platforms (including Worldpackers). This is our life mission and we dedicate as much of our forces as we can on the project. You can expect to receive a lot of love and appreciation, and also see for yourself the Ugandan hospitality. You are very well fed, and you will feel safe and stress-free during your stay. We love and are very grateful for our volunteers and everyone - even strangers - treats you with outmost respect and kindness.

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Such an amazing experience, i met amazing people there, the volunteers, Paul and his wife, Promise. The kids are incredible, my time at Manywa was not so long, but i wont forget the memories i made there

about 15 hours ago

Paul replied

Thank you so much Guilherme. For staying with us.
Your presence is still appearing in our memories .
You have been such a great discplined volunteer.
And i have really enjoyed. Hanging out with you.
We look forward to having you here with your family.
Love from paul anf promise .



Wonderful experience. I had so much fun and met amazing people. The kids are incredible. My time there was short, but 100% worth it. :)

9 days ago

Paul replied

Thank you Daniela for coming to stay with us .
We hope to see you again

United Kingdom


I had the most incredible experience in Uganda with Paul and his wife Promise and the other volunteers I met along the way who have become friends for life! This experience will completely open your eyes to a different world and show you how people in Uganda live day to day - we got to have so many experiences - not just at the school every day, but meeting locals, visiting the children’s homes and families, a safari, the equator, going to church and so much more. Paul is the most amazing host and will make sure you have everything you need and you will feel completely safe and cared for. ❤️

14 days ago

Paul replied

Thank you so much Hannah for everying thing you have done .
Sponsoring Robinson, building a house , feeding and all the gifts you brought for the children.
You are so loving .
Much love for you Hannah.

Czech Republic


This was my first time volunteering and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Paul and his wife are the best hosts I could ever wish for.
They made me feel like I’m at home.
I 100% recommend volunteering with this organization. Being with the kids on daily basis was incredible and I miss them already. Thanks to Paul I felt safe and comfortable the whole time. I’ve had the opportunity to see how people live their lives and learn many new things.
I miss everyone already and I hope I’ll be back one day!

28 days ago

Paul replied

Dear Barbora,

Your dedication and selflessness have made a significant impact on our organization, and I cannot thank you enough for your time and effort.

Furthermore, I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the wonderful memories we have created together during this period of volunteering. The laughter, camaraderie, and shared experiences have been nothing short of amazing. I truly cherish the way in which you have made our team feel like a family. Your kindness, warmth, and genuine care for others truly shine through in everything you do.

However, I must admit that since your departure, there has been a void that cannot be filled. Your absence is greatly felt, and I sincerely miss having you around. The positive energy and enthusiasm you brought to our organization were contagious, and it is not the same without you.

On a more personal note, I want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers every day. May your fracture heal swiftly and completely, granting you a speedy recovery. Please take all the time you need to rest and heal, as your health and wellbeing are of utmost importance.

Once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your exceptional contribution to our cause. Your kindness has made a lasting impact on both our organization and my personal journey. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have worked alongside you.
Greetings to your family ):
Wishing you a swift recovery and hoping to stay in touch,
Cheers , Paul

United States


Working with the Manywa Initiative for Children was an extraordinary experience. Paul and his wife Promise could not be better hosts and people. Paul not only assists you and assures your comfortability while staying in Manywa but he also teaches you and guides you as you interpret the wonderful and grim realities of life in Ugandan villages. I wish I could have booked a longer stay but even in 21 days I grew extremely fond of Central Uganda, the students and the people. You will laugh and you may even cry experiencing life in Uganda and teaching in Manywa. I will see you soon MIC!

about 1 month ago

Paul replied

Dear Adham,
Your volunteer work with us has been nothing short of remarkable. From the moment you joined our organization, your dedication, passion, and eagerness to contribute have been evident in every task you undertook. Whether it was lending a helping hand in organizing events, offering your expertise in fundraising initiatives, or assisting with our day-to-day operations, your efforts have left an indelible impact on the Manywa community.

Your presence has been truly precious to each and every one of us. Your positive attitude, willingness to go the extra mile, and ability to inspire others with your actions have been inspirational. Your genuine care and compassion for those we serve have touched the hearts of those around you, creating an environment of solidarity, growth, and hope.

Adham, we cannot emphasize enough how grateful we are to have had the privilege of working alongside you. You have not only made significant contributions to Manywa, but you have also become a cherished member of our family. Your actions have spoken louder than words, and your kindness has left an indelible mark on all of us.

Thank you once again for your extraordinary support and for staying with us through every endeavor. Your selflessness and dedication have made a tangible difference, and we are forever grateful.

Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.
And your music teaching career.

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