A volunteer choosing us would get the taste of local lifestyle, enjoy the atmosphere of the backpacking life, will have all the afternoon off for sightseeing and will be treated very well with us. Malta is a great place to learn or improve your English, especially in the hostel, however, please keep in mind that if you are planning to do an English course while you are here it may conflict with your hostel work schedule therefore making it challenging to work with us. If you plan to study while you are here please let us know beforehand.

Most of our staff members are volunteers or ex volunteers who became paid employees of our hostel. They get to enjoy all what a nice, cosy, family like hostel can provide.


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Foi uma experiência incrível, gostei de todos, o hostel é excelente, porém o que não gostei foi o fato de ser tratada como empregada e não voluntaria, exigia muito de mim.

7 months ago

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