Masseria Usamborgia

Because here it will be like at home, in the family. He will be in contact with nature and in a group together with other volunteers for an experience of life and friendship.

Volunteers are treated like our children. The family that runs the farm is ready for any request from the volunteer and is very flexible. We organize courses in cooking, painting, ceramics and we provide breakfast, meals and accommodation for the whole day.


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Estar en Masseria Usamborgia fue una experiencia extraordinaria. Las personas te hacen sentir como en familia y llegas a tomarles mucho cariño. Lo que tienes que hacer solo consiste en ayudar a Cinzia en lo que necesite y después estás libre. Ellos te llegan a llevar a la playa y los recuerdos qué haces son inolvidables. Por nada cambiaria esta experiencia en este lugar. A pesar de dormir en una tienda, está tiene todo lo necesario y se está cómoda.
Muchas gracias por todo.

about 1 month ago


some("Cinzia and Antonio are a lovely couple and U Samborgia is a beautiful place!\nThe job was helping with B&B tasks, such as cleaning, housekeeping and breakfast. There are not so many rooms so it was really easy and just a few hours a day. Afterwards, you can enjoy the area, with beaches and nature reserves. And on off days, visit other nice Sicilian towns!\nThe accomodation was in a tent but it was comfortable: bed, light, fan and plugs inside.\nIt was amazing spending 3 weeks here in this nice place with this lovely Calabria-Sicilia family! Strangio Family, thanks for everything :)")

2 months ago

Antonio replied

Thank you Cecilia! It was a pleasure to met you. Antonio, Cinzia e Marco


It is a beautiful place, ideal for people who want an experience in the countryside and at the same time close to beautiful beaches. The lady of the B & B is incredible with a true maternal spirit and very receptive to communication, it does not matter if you speak Italian, she will understand you !! During my stay I learned about respect for women and family values.

4 months ago

Antonio replied

Thank you Josy! It was a pleasure to met you. Antonio, Cinzia e Marco


The experience was truly incredible. Marco, Cinzia and Antonio are amazing people and I felt like part of the family when I was with them. My biggest contact was with Antonio and Cinzia, who own the place. They are Italians born in Calabria who live in Sicily. The work consisted basically of helping Antonio and Cinzia in different things. It was a huge pleasure to be there. All meals were on their account and we ate very Italian homemade food every day. I highly recommend going to this place, for people who are wonderful and for being with a truly Italian family.

7 months ago

Antonio replied

Thank you Cris! It was a pleasure to met you. Antonio, Cinzia e Marco

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