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Our artistic and educational community is living ecologically and responsibly on 15 acres of sustainable land on the pristine North Shore of Maui. We are surrounded by 18 acres of cliffs and an oceanfront. Our land has been declared a "resting place of mature souls" by the ancient Hawaiians. Our hiking trails lead to freshwater pools and 150-foot waterfalls, yet we are only 20 minutes from Paia and Ho'okipa, the windsurfing capital of the world. We are only 35 minutes from the airport and yet we are "off the beaten path". Powered by the sun, our generator pumps the sweetest water from our very own well. The rain fills our ponds. The earth is nurtured by our brood of 11 chickens and through conscious composting, mulching, and restorative soil building. Bees pollinate the flowers and plants in our organic food garden. Until just recently, we specialized in structural bamboo, now we are focusing on soil restoration and food security. We have established an Agroforestry garden in our jungle and are involved in Food Security Hawaii.
The Institute, est. 1985 is the umbrella for many endeavors: the movement of Embodied Spirituality; the creation of music, meditations, videos, and spiritual retreats; the practices of organic farming and education in the field of ecotourism. K

We’ve been hosting volunteers from around the world for the past 30 years. More than 800 people spanning the ages of 21 years old to 65 years young have participated in this unique community where we live off-grid and from the land as much as possible. Having become a safe haven for many to live in tandem with Mother Nature, we not only teach ecology and responsibility for the land but also how to run a sustainable center. We prefer a 3 months stay. For those who do choose to stay longer, we offer a certificate that will confirm your knowledge in running an off-grid, sustainable and eco-friendly retreat center. Online classes and in-person teachings in Agroforestry are all included with your work exchange, which provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those willing to learn. The internship is comprised of daily yoga classes and others as they become available. You will benefit from any additional classes taught by visiting guest teachers as part of the program. By joining our ohana (family), you will be experiencing Hawaiian culture from a local perspective. Coaching and mentorship are shared on a personal basis, bridging ancient teachings with our modern world, and whether in a group or individually, we have many opportunities for meditation in nature. Several beautiful meditation temples allow space to deepen your awareness through yoga, Shamanic, and Embodied Spirituality classes. At the end of your internship, you will receive a certificate of participation from the Institute if desired. In addition to teachings from the mentors, your work-trade hours provide for a comfortable room, hot showers, fiber optic wifi, laundry, and a communal kitchen in a bamboo house with access to an expansive spiritual library. We provide some staples but don’t provide/cook meals, though community dinners do happen spontaneously and we encourage buying/sharing food with others. In addition, you are always welcome to pick from the land and our departing guests often leave lots of great staples that are consistently added to the ‘community’ shelf.


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Maui Eco Retreat and your hosts Kutira and Raphael are truly visionaries - K is an intelligent & kind human who is always willing to share her 30+ years of knowledge with anybody who asks. If you are interested in starting your own business, picking Kutira's brain and even just observing her get things done will be super helpful.
Comfy lodgings & communal space, a great selection of other volunteers to learn from too. The land is stunning too. Kutira helped me heal in ways I didn't even know I needed, and I am now feeling stronger and healthier after my stay. Mahalo <3

about 1 year ago



I had an amazing experience while my stay here. I was not sure what to expect because it was first time volunteering. I was warmly welcomed by Kutira and others. Firstly, this place is a wonderland in itself. I made some new cool friends & had my best times learning from the team, hiking down to the ocean and waterfall, watching sunrise, stargazing. I had an opportunity to work closely with Kutira and learn alot from her. She was always supportive and respectful. Overall, never had a sad day here as surrounding was always cheerful. Made a new family away from home.
Mahalo Maui Eco Retreat🙏🏻

about 1 year ago

Kahua Institute replied

Hosting Suman at our place was a pleasure. His smile is edged into all our hearts. We truly appreciated Suman's expertise and sharing his gifts with the entire community. Suman also learned a lot besides his official trade. He took care of our 27 chickens, became the new favorite person of our Tibetan Spaniel Dawa, and cooked for the community his favorite Nepali food. We would be happy to welcome Suman back anytime.
We wish him all the best on his life journey. We would have rated Suman with a 5* plus, but we missed the short window of being able to do so. We hope this review will share with anybody how much Suman was appreciated. He is always welcome to return to the Maui Eco Retreat and learn more from the Kahua Institute.



I stayed at the Maui Eco Retreat for almost 4 months. I came here with an open mind to learn about gardening. However, I entered a community of loving people and made great new friends. I learned about regenerative living that opened me to so many other possibiites how to live life. I feel so blessed and I am going back with a new set of glasses, that let me see how life can be lived fully when its from love and authenticy. To have this experience in my life this time was simply transformational. I can recommend this to anybody who loves nature. With deep respect, gratitude and love to all.

over 1 year ago

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