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We are a small hostel in the town center of Aguadilla on the west side of Puerto Rico. We are looking for people with all skill sets! Housekeeping, maintenance, construction, animal care, cooking, and marketing. We have 2 dogs who love to swim at the beach and need to be taken everyday for an hour. We also are renovating so we need help with painting, landscaping, cement work, woodwork and other types of renovation jobs. We offer a bed in a shared dorm room with a bathroom and one meal provided a day. In return we ask for 25 hours a week to help keep the place going! You will love how close we are to the beach and bars on your time off! Everyone if so friendly and inviting here and it’s not hard to have a great time in aguadilla!

We are a family owned business (mother, daughter, and son) and we live on the lower level of the building. We are easy going and easy to get along with! Also we have definitely adapted to island time lol. We want people who are laid back and ready to help out where needed! We will get along great if you are clean! We have lots of guests so everyone is held responsible in keeping the hostel spotless!

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Me and my husband absolutely love being here at Medusa's! We have really fallen in love with Puerto Rico, and being a 2 minute walk from the beach isn't bad either. lol Everyone works and does their part, it's really chill and plenty of time for fun! We will be coming back very soon.

6 months ago

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Hostel is family owned and operated, very chill space. Only 2 blocks from the beach and central to supermarkets.

9 months ago

Medusa’s replied

Oscar was a great addition to Medusa’s, he is flexible and a self starter! He was professional and fun to have around.

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