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Hello globetrotters, hello curious people of this world! You want to experience something new? Discover the world? Get to know yourself? Take on the challenge of 'life'? Then come join our team, we are a bunch of young (and also older) people who have a lot of fun living and working.

Michaelshof is an international community surrounded by nature in the beautiful Wendland. We are 250 people who create a life together that is good for people and nature. All our food is organically (-dynamically) grown and we place great value on nature and spirituality. We love to start new projects and in more than 37 years we have already set up many things: a Demeter farm, a bakery, a dairy, a medicinal plant manufactory, a farm store & an organic café, a children's and youth home, 6 hectares of gardens and parks, a construction site and much more.

And although we tend to be busy on the outside, it always comes down to people first and foremost: Find the value that only you have - & give it to the world! What value do you have?

Currently we need help in the areas of garden, construction site, children and youth home, kitchen and housework:

1. Our garden is a beautiful piece of nature, a perfect teacher. Grab your shovels with us and let's get to weeding, planting & pruning. Or go out to the vegetable field with us and take care of lettuce & co. for the community and people from the region! Organic. Regional. Fair.

2. We are currently building our colorful ‹Flachsenberg Settlement›, a housing project for our community that creates living space for potential community members. The team is international and good-humored and will show you how to build a house. Our specialty is drywall, but there's all kinds of more to learn, from brick to electrical, painting, insulation and more. Hands on!

3. Our Peronnik Children's and Youth Home is the heart of our community. Children from a wide variety of backgrounds find a new home here and (mostly) love living in a community. Do you feel like playing soccer with some kids, going to see the animals, playing diabolo, or just chatting? Come to team Peronnik!

4. Who’s hungry, let’s go the kitchen! Every day we cook lunch for over 200 people – in the summer a lot of vegetables come directly from the field. Be a part of it, clean, chop, season and eat! Also, Christian always needs help in our brand-new canning kitchen where we preserve vegetables.

5. Community doesn't work without cleaning and we love it nice & clean, so we spread that too, like much else, on everyone's shoulders, including yours!

If you have a skill that we can put to good use at Michaelshof, you can potentially contribute to Sammatz with your individual know-how as well.
There are few rules at Sammatz, an important one being: no alcohol or drugs on site. If you can't imagine this during your stay, please apply to another host.

Just apply with exciting infos about yourself, your talents, your weaknesses and your passions! We have plenty of room in our large international community! If you have any questions, just contact Hannah and Antonia, Team Volunteers Michaelshof. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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I really enjoyed the experience, I learned a lot. Thank you ❤️❤️

4 days ago



If you're looking for a typical exchange to do some tourism, don't go to Sammatz. This is not a place to leave your luggage and take a bus to another city. In Sammatz, you have to be present; you'll work a lot and keep your head (and hands) busy. So, only go there if you want to learn a lot, discover new interests and ways of living, and build strong friendships and memories while doing so. For me, the main two improvable points are the Blue House situation with the teenagers and the extra working hours for kitchen and bathroom cleaning. I hope to return soon! <3

13 days ago



Minha experiência em Sammatz foi incrível. Uma mega estrutura e oportunidades de integração com diferentes culturas. Um local exuberante e belezas naturais e tive a oportunidade de aprender um pouco de alemão. Vou embora com um gostinho de quero mais, pricipalmente pelas amizades que fiz lá. Tive a oportunidade de aprender muito na cozinha e também o prazer de ter feito atendimentos de musicoterapia as criânças e adolescente portadores de necessidade especiais acolhidos pela Comunidade. Toda Equipe organização muito empenhada e o meu Mentor Hans-Michel excelente. Show!

13 days ago



Hola soy Jerónimo, hice un voluntariado en Alemania y esto fue lo que Descubrí!

Una comunidad de gente hermosa, amable, llena de amor y energía positiva!
Espacios para contemplar, conectar y disfrutar cada momento.
Un lugar lleno de naturaleza, diferentes plantas, flores, insectos y animales increíbles!
Actividades super interesantes donde compartí, me relacione y aprendí muchísimo!
Viajar es una oportunidad para observar diferentes entornos y enriquecernos con las costumbres y perspectivas! Gracias Michelsoft Sammatz por este tiempo de calidad.

21 days ago



Incredible experience in spring time!
I has a great mentor and made many new friend from all over the world!

21 days ago

Michaelshof replied

Thank you dear Dany for your stay!
It was a pleasure to meet you, and you adepted very easily to our community. The areas were all very happy about your help, and with the kids you could show your warm hearted and joyful approach.
Take care and all the best! 🤗

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