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We, the farmers/gardeners/builders are a crew of boys and girls in our twenties - with some seniors contributing their experience, so there should be enough to talk and joke about, to have a good time and to learn german (if you're into that) ... One of our main projects at the moment is building two large eco-wood houses, we need a lot of help with this beautiful project – both skilled and unskilled helpers are welcome! Apart from any other help which is of course highly appreciated we're right now especially looking for architects and architectural draughtsmen. There work to do on the farm; feeding the animals, milking and mucking out the stables. Aside from the more outdoorsy and physical work there are still plenty of other tasks such as helping in the kitchen/the dairy/the bakery or even babysitting ... So if you're interested in helping in the many realms described above, you're most certainly welcome to contact us. If you're planning to join us building and gardening will be the main fields of work. From early spring onwards, we need a lot of help on the fields and in the gardens; preparing the acres and beds, sowing, weeding, harvesting and so forth. We'd like you to stay for at least one month so you have a chance to really get into the things you're doing here. Being here for a longer period of time also offers the opportunity to learn/brush up on your German skills! Your stay is appreciated all year long – just try and apply! We also offer payed work if you have previous experience and a resilient work ethic in construction, as an architect, carpenter or child care worker. If you have further questions or you want to get to know us better, Skyping is always an option. Klara and Olaf (we are part of the team and responsible for the organization)

You can eat together with many of us in the big dining room, where our cook creates great dishes from organic ingredients and as often as possible from our own field. We also provide food for vegans and vegetarians, so theres no need to worry on that front! We have guest rooms both big and small, we'll try to find the best accommodation for you depending on how many people we are at the time and where you'd prefer to stay. Please note that we do not allow alcohol and drugs in/outside the houses and on the premises in general. We're no activists in this regard and would never dream of telling you how to live, it's just that alcohol and drugs don't work with our place and we'd ask you to respect this for the duration of your stay.


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Sammatz is a great place for a work exchange experience. All the people in this community are very welcoming, both the locals as well as all the volunteers. You can expect to get to know people from all over the world, to learn a lot with the jobs and to have an overall great time. Time really flew by me on my stay.

If you're coming to Sammatz, make sure you know that although this place has a lot of great thing to offer, you do need to work quite a bit. Also, be aware that you'll be living in a house with many people, and you will be sharing a room.

I am definitely coming back!

5 months ago

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