Mirah's Garden

Volounteers will learn about growing fruits and vegetables, and many other aspects of rural living. Volounteers are welcome to enjoy seasonal produce from the garden and farm fresh eggs during their stay. We have bikes for volounteers to use to explore the surrounding area, including the nearby Slocan Valley Rail Trail. For those with backcountry experience, Valhalla Provincial Park offers many recreational opportunities. We are located close to five (five!) different hot springs in Nakusp and Ainsworth.

We are a family of two with a baby on the way. We also have a friendly dog and cat, and laying hens that provide us with plenty of eggs. Volounteers will enjoy staying in a private and charming vintage school bus that has been converted into living quarters with it's own kitchen, dining area, shower with hot running water, double bed, and nearby outhouse. Accommodation is suitable for singles or couples or two close friends that don't mind sharing the bed. Volounteers will mostly prepare their own meals in the bus with groceries provided by hosts, homegrown or hunted meat from out freezers, eggs from our chickens, and fruits and vegetables from the garden. We expect 5 hours of work per day, 5 days a week from volounteers. Pick up and drop off can be arranged from Nelson, Castlegar, or the Playmor Junction at the junction of Highway 6 and Highway 3a, or other places nearby.

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