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We have 3 houses: 2 with apartments that we rent mostly from Saturday to Saturday in a large property of more than 700 acres like a natural park overlooking Chiana valley ( Tuscany) and Nestore valley ( Umbria) and like a crown around us the most beautiful medieval and renaissance villages in Italy as: Città della Pieve, Cortona, Montepulciano, Castiglione del Lago on Trasimeno lake, Chiusi and Chiusi Lake, Perouse, Assisi and so on. But we don't see Rome and Florence easily accessible by train from Chiusi railway station in one hour about. The work it hard only on Saturday when the families leaves their apartments or the villa and other families will arrive the same day. So we ( I and the volunteer )have to greet the people, help the two cleaning ladies and the maintainer to do their work and welcoming the new arrival from all over the world. Monday I collect all the new arrival at one of the swimming pool to explain the things to see and to do, the others day there is a light work of gardening, or cleaning the swimming pool ( generally is done by the manteineer) , put order around the houses or inside the storage room where are bicycles, fishing rods, toys, DVD ... for the customers. she/he could help me to answer to the mails arriving at the property - but generally I do myself this work.

I'm un old lady living with his son. My staff is very nice and all will be very friendly. The volunteer will have his own room with bed, night table, desk and wardrobe to hang his dresses. At home, that is above all the property, we have two bathrooms. The volunteer will be our guest mainly: eating with us, helping in the kitchen if she ( I would prefer) like to learn italian recipes, keeping order in the house ( the cleaning lady come twice a week). I will let her/him the old pick up of the farm to go out and inside the property because is big. She or he can have 2 days off as suggested, but she can be free most of the days to visit the beautiful surroundings around us. Sometime I will be pleased to go together because I need to know any news or event around to suggest it to my guests.


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They are amazing family, ale ,malio ,mousi all are amazing.The place so good that food is insanely good they treated me as a part of the family even after I arrived by 10 days it was my birthday they bought a cake for me and celebrate and we eat hamburgers in amazing restaurant as a part of them .Malio is just a kind loving heart moving on earth , ale is someone that i will miss our amazing conversations ,Mousi the mama she has a very big heart restrict at work but in the social lvl she is number 1 on world packers they in invited me to a lot of restaurants .This is one of the best places ❤️❤️

11 months ago



This is definitely not an tipical Italian experience !!! jajjja (whatever that means). This family is unique and special !!! My stay at their home was very quiet. The landscape is inspiring and the work is very light. It's ideal to spend a few days away from the noise of the city and take the opportunity to read, walk or meditate. The family welcomed me as one more member and they even took me for some visits to neighbor villages and also to some tipical restaurants. Mausi and Manlio are very loving and good people. I'm very grateful for the time I spent with them. I'll miss them!

over 1 year ago

Miralaghi replied

Thank you Julieta for your review : the first sentence is my favorite :-). You are truly a special person, very pleasant and initiative. I had a lot of fun at yoga classes and I am grateful for the work you have done for us. I hope you have achieved your goal : that you are now in India where the virus is not as violent as we could imagine.



One the most important experince in my life. Maria and Manlio your son are so much happy and strong. She gave me the opportunity to travel around with the guest . I wanted to stay more with us.

almost 2 years ago



I spent a great time at Miralaghi! The place is beautiful and even if it's a little bit far from the different villages, you can go everywhere...Mausi and her son are very kind persons :)

over 2 years ago



The staff there are kind & nice, the work is light, but I cannot stop feeling lonely & homesick there. Also because of some reasons, frightened.
Some points to highlight: the house is the only one up the moutain, if you wanna go to the nearest town to see other people, you can only let the host to drive you down, which is inconvenient. If you can really live in a place without any friend for a month, then go (because you are the only worldpacker there, other guests all come in family group)
P.S. Mousi helped me a lot in the visa thing, I must thank her for that.

almost 3 years ago

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