Mongolia host family Begzsuren

We want to live together, share my family life to volunteers from the World. He/she can join to my Mongolian Ger daily life, bring water by cart and barrel, cook and eat together, discover and learn Ger sub district area. That is all. So, who are coming to my home for volunteer, he/she can freely organize his/her time and what is to learn. There is a free accommodation, but he/she need to contribute cooking ingredients to family healthy and nutritious cooking kitchen.

My Mongolian family, me, my wife and our 3 teenager children. We have been hosting travelers since 2008 to meet and make a friend. We live in Mongolian traditional house Ger in Dari Ekh area of Ulaanbaatar capital city of Mongolia, it's about 6km in north from city center. We love travelers, so host them to share my family life and live together. If you are going to choose to live with us, you should send me, - do you smoke? - your wish dates? - you can join to my family life by helping on cooking ingredients to cook and eat together - your email address to receive my home direction guideline - your question? Make your best communication.

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