Monica's Animal Shelter

Do you also want to ensure that the animals in Monica's shelter receive the best possible care? Then come and help! The shelter is located in a beautiful mountainous area and there is a spacious private home for the volunteers.

Monica basically runs the shelter on her own. Due to illness and bad luck, she needed (a lot of) help last year and this coming year. She hopes to have a second knee replacement which has been delayed due to covid and a fall she had last year where she fractured her hip badly. All the money goes to the animals and Monica has difficulty walking, so she cannot provide meals. The house is also always wonderfully heated and you can even enjoy a warm bath after all the hard work! DAILY ROUTINE Volunteer tasks begin between 8:00 am and 8:30 am. First feed the chickens and the ducks; Second clean and feed the puppies; Then clean the runs and provide fresh water en food to the dogs in the backyard. When that's done, there is an opportunity to have breakfast/coffee together; After breakfast, all other kennels are cleaned and all those dogs are given clean water and food; Everything around the house is also cleaned and all water bowls are provided with clean water. The chicken and duck coops are cleaned once a week; If there are young kittens, they should be fed 3 x milk during the day. At about 12.00 pm (depending on the number of animals and the number of volunteers), all work is finished and it is time for lunch. In the afternoon you have free time. When new animals are unexpectedly dumped, when the vet comes for vaccinations or sterilisations, a transport arrives to take dogs to be adopted abroad or something unforeseen happens, sometimes a little help is needed out of hours. At about 5 o'clock in the afternoon all chickens and ducks are fed again and all puppies are fed again. The dogs' kennels are also checked once more. Do all dogs still have clean water? Did they make a mess of it? If so, then of course top up the water or clean! Another important task is monitoring the animals. Are they healthy and do they feel happy? If you think something is up, immediately turn on Monica. When there are so many animals together and when new dogs are dumped every time, the risk of diseases is of course present. In addition, all dogs and cats need hugs of course! DON'T FORGET TO PACK SOME OLD CLOTHES AS THIS CAN BE DIRTY WORK.

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