Monte da Cunca

Estamos procurando um professor para crianças de 6/10 anos para um pequeno projeto aqui na quinta Entre em contato conosco para mais informações Our farm Monte da Cunca is based mainly in contact with nature and ourselves, sharing knowledge and experiences with each other and living in a more sustainable manner.

We are a couple, Dania (here since 2007) Klaus (here since 2002) and our daughter Joana (born August 2012) We live a self sustainable lifestyle as far as possible. We are looking only for people who really want to experience life and work in this conditions. People who will be happy to be here and do their best as we will try so. ABOUT ACCOMMODATIONS PROVIDED: Accommodations are simple, we have a big room with 7 beds, caravan available, tents only in summer. Compost Toilet and Solar shower , we have kitchen, living room with wood stove. FOOD: We have 3 meals together; breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our meals are simple, available are organic vegetables from our garden, pasta, rice, home-made bread and pizza, eggs from our chickens, very rarely meat and fish. VEGETARIANS, MACROBIOTIC, VEGANS ETC... ARE MORE THAN WELCOME! WHAT WE EXPECT FROM THE VOLUNTEERS: *When you have given your availability,we would be happy that you really came! *You're a welcome if you are really motivated and energetic people! *Inviting all that are interested in working together and learning from each other. *Self initiated projects are welcome!. *Bring ecological shampoo and soap (the water will be used in the garden) *Stay minimum 2/3 weeks.(The length of staying depends of individual relations but we don't limit it before hands. It can be 2 weeks same as 8 months). *Respect Nature, the Infrastructure and Each Other *We work from 9:00 to 13:00 have lunch and then from 14:00 to 16:00. Saturday: 4 hrs from 9:00 to 13:00


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This experience was one of the best I've ever had, the energy and the enviroment in Cunca was like a piece of heaven. everything was amazing, the food comes straight from the garden, the people, especially Klaus, Dania, Alessandro, Alice and all volunteers, are very good people and I've learned a lot with them. For sure this place will be in my heart for the rest of my life, the monent i started there I felt like home all the time. I never saw any times anybody get upset or angry. It was a very quiet place, just 15 minutes walking to the Bordeira Beach and the Cliffs.




This was an enriching experience, I learn about different things, and the people who live here have very interesting stories so for sure you will have nice talks and moments , you can use the kayaks for go to the beach or you can go just go walking , also take the moment to walk around and discover all the farm, thanks for the opportunity and I hope can come back soon, thanks Dania


South Africa


Really great experience at Cunca - I wish that I could have stayed longer. Made some memories and had some conversations that I will never forget! You are expected to work hard, but they divide the jobs fairly, and Klause (the owner) always took the hardest jobs.


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