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I am a free spirit that loves meeting new people, sharing stories and bringing ideas to life :) My vision is to create a small paradise where people can come to reunite with their inner child, forget their worries, dispel their fears and rediscover. Come Meditate, Dance, be creative, love, play musical instruments, paint, laugh, Practice yoga and experience a life surrounded by nature. 

I recently finished the interior of the house and have just begun my new adventure outdoors where local herbs, vegetables and trees will grow in a natural setting where harmony and balance between all species is key. I am very interested in permaculture designs and envision a forest garden that will bring back an ecosystem of plants and fauna that not so long ago was abundant. This project is a dream of mine and it will never be finished :) Over the past 4 years I have learned that patience is fundamental and when you work with time and love you will create something very special that will touch the heart. If you have the eyes to see and the ears to listen you will see what is emerging here. 
I have created this account to meet like-minded people who are happy to share their gifts and bring even more light into this sacred place. 
 I am actively looking for people with a pdc course or a vast amount of experience with permaculture. Send me an email at any time if you believe you will fit here :)

I am still new to all of this and learn from what I read in books. I would be thrilled to have someone with experience in Art, Irrigation, Builduing, Permaculture, gardening or any type of relationship with plants (Shamanism, Botany, Plant/Spirit medicine, Essential Oils etc…) I know there is still so much for me to learn and there are so many wise teachers out there, this is my way of reaching out :) I have lots of Ideas I want to bring to life such as building a small sauna to dry out after jumping in the cold mountain water, putting up swings, hammocks, creating relaxing spaces for meditation, yoga, to see the sunset and so much more. I am extremely flexible and open to any new ideas, I really just want you to have fun and let your creativity and imagination flow. 

If we are stuck indoors there is a lot to do as well. Decorating the rooms, I have a lot of great books to read, we can paint, meditate, dry out herbs, make soaps, essential oils, ointments, bracelets, whatever we come up with really :P If you come to help I am already grateful, I will not be keeping track of the hours so this exchange is for people who are comfortable with freedom and responsibility. Just do what makes you happy and I am sure it will translate in the work you do.

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