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Our small coffee farm is above Place of Refuge National Park at 2000' elevation on Hawaii Island's west coast. We are in a very rural rain forest microclimate with ferns everywhere and nearly perfect shirtsleeve weather. Our usually clear sunny mornings are most often followed by rainy afternoons. We are close (driving not walking) to area beaches and about 20 minutes to the nearest large grocery store. We are 1 hour from KOA airport and 40 minutes to Kailua-Kona which has Costco, Target, Walmart and many restaurants and stores.

We are your hosts Ana and David. We are in our 70's and are healthy and active in caring for our farm. We love sharing about coffee culture and the Hawai'ian culture too. We enjoy meeting young people and consider our volunteer opportunity respectful and collaborative. We are seeking two people who already know one another to apply together because of the isolation on our farm. Please do not apply if you do not have a travel buddy. We will offer one or more trips a week to the beach or to town. Most of our work consists of controlling weeds and hauling brush so it is not difficult nor requires great strength. We have one friendly older pet cat and lots of chickens. We have mosquitoes and noisy roosters and noisy coqui frogs in addition to our gorgeous scenery and lush vegetation. We will work with volunteers to have time off for travel to other parts of our magical island. We have loads of books about Hawai'i (culture, history, nature, travel) which we gladly share. We have good cell signal here but no Wi-Fi. We have a place to charge your cell phone in our bath house which has a heated shower and flush toilet. You will cook most of your meals with the food we supply but may always buy extra things you like.


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Ana was away when we arrived so we didn't meet her, but David was super nice! He was happy to tell us about the island and the basics we needed to know in Hawaii. Their farm is rustic and full of life which was very pleasant, but be prepared to camp in a remote location. The most difficult adjustment for us was the sleeping situation, as the rainforest tends to get pretty loud in the night (frogs and other small animals). Thank you David and Ana for a warm welcome, we recommend their exchange if you're looking to connect with nature and have an organic experience :)

about 1 month ago

United States


This experience was phenomenal this was the second host we stayed at in Hawaii, and it was nothing short of magical. The sunrises every evening will take your breath away and the snorkeling felt like traveling to a new world. This property is seated 2,000ft above sea level yielding perfect temperatures but dreadful mosquitoes (bring lots of spray). A bus is available only a few miles down the road with a coffee stop along the way. Hitch hiking or biking is a must to spend every day to the fullest. The hosts are sweet, kind, and caring and reward hard work.

10 months ago



This farm is located on the side of a volcano with a beautiful view of the Kona coast of Hawaii. This farm is for someone looking for a more outdoor, rugged living experience. The cabin Ana and David provided was a quaint and provided enough space. It is up a very long and steep hill, so if you plan to do a bunch of adventuring during your stay, you should be pretty fit and I suggest you become familiar with the bus routes and times, and maybe consider getting a bike. The hours were perfect and the work load wasn’t too physically demanding. They were great hosts and good communicators!

10 months ago

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The host, David is respectful and sweet. The host, Ana warns you that she is manic as you are being driven up to here house. Not up to date safety or cleanliness for your stay, if you are not a strong walker then this big hill isn't for you. Another young man was kicked out for no reason other than prejudice for all I could figure out. Be careful, some host will say and do anything for you to humble down. Do not recommend, but if you can just work with David, you might just have a good and peaceful stay.

about 1 year ago

Beth replied

Austin agreed to retract several serious misstatements but did not want to pay another $25 to rejoin Worldpackers. He paid us an unannounced visit earlier this week and returned a lookalike to a sentimental item which he took without permission when he left. The other young man who was here when Austin was went to another farm which Austin himself arranged. That farm threw him off when he smoked inside the worker bedroom against their rules. I actually got up in the wee hours to go pick up Alan from the beach where he slept and take him to the airport for an early flight. I am not prejudiced and always treat all my guests with the respect they deserve. I did warn Austin that I was in an emotional phase when he arrived. My partner was in the hospital when he arrived and I was under a lot of pressure at that time. I will not invite Austin to stay on our farm again for many reasons.

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I was supposed to stay with Ana for a month but ended up leaving after one night at Ana's house. Ana was very nice and easy to talk to. She was willing to pick me up at the Hilo airport and take me on many beautiful drives.
The reason I left so quickly was due to the accommodations. The cabin was fine to sleep in, but I was given a blanket covered in termite poop(I did not use). Things were not very cleanly and I just overall didn't feel comfortable staying there.
I do not recommend this stay if you want a clean/tidy environment. Ana was very kind but overall I just couldn't stay there.

about 1 year ago

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