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We are a British family living in an attractive Transylvanian agricultural village which is quiet but still close to public transport and several medieval attractions. Our nearest town is Medias, where there are bars, restaurants,shops and a medieval citadel. Medias is just 15 minutes away by car and there are buses from the centre of the Mosna. Our property is on a hill and has many trees which attract birds and all sorts of wildlife. It is beautiful and we want to make it the best it can be.

We are Pat Lovelock, my husband, Tom and my youngest son, Stephen. We live with our two dogs and two cats who are all house pets. We are all relaxed and friendly and volunteers will be treated as we would treat our family and closest friends while they help us in our various projects.


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it was a pleasure met Pat, Stephen, Tom, Haggis, Aisha, Peter and Bounce. I had a really lovely time with all of them, I learn a lot and we share a lot of warm nights talking about a lot of topics, listening music, cooking and drinking beer. I felt sad when I had to say good bye but I feel happy knowing I have now new good friends that make me feel at home being far away of my country.
Transylvania is a beautiful area and I fell in love with the sunrise and sunset in the village... thanks for make me smile every day!
You are in my you! and see you later!


Patricia replied

Thank you, Celeste! We love and miss you and hope that all your volunteer positions are successful.

Costa Rica

I had an amazing time at Mosna. Patricia, Tom and Stephen are great hosts. They really make you feel part of their family from the start. The accommodation is really comfortable and the food is amazing. The task are not always easy but they are manageable.
You will get a lot of free time for yourself or exploring the village.
Thanks to Patricia, Tom and Stephen for two great weeks at Romania. Hope I can come back someday.


Patricia replied

And we hope to see you here again some day!


Very nice stay with Pat, Tom and Stephen! I definetly recommend it


United States

I had a great time in Moşna with Pat, Tom and Stephen. It’s a beautiful home surrounded by very green hills(I was there in summer). The work is very reasonable especially because Stephen is just fun to be around. Furthermore Patricia and Stephen are fantastic cooks. Conversations with the family were always funny and entertaining. They also have two dogs and cats so if your allergic maybe don’t come. Other than that definetly come, the room is also very nice.


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