Mount Pleasant

A traveler might chose to come to our place to get a genuine non pc inside irish experience. Those who like to learn new things will learn stuff they never expected ( perhaps weather permitting) if they are here for more than a couple of weeks. We are close to great local village. Half an hour from the city centre and our own place is an increadable place in its own right situated on 7 acres overlooking the "River Liffey " we have our own small "forrest" there is also the fantastic st. Catherines park just 500 metres away. I have been hosting volenteer exchange workers since 2005 here as it is such a natural use of the property here.

I am in my early 50,s with a young spirit. In the past i was a construction contractor and i trained many "Apprentices" to become Plumbers over a 20 year period. I am experienced with many aspects of construction restoration and in perticular re-using Salvaged quality materail to create something worth doing. My partner Has looked after the guest house since we began with "" 18 months ago and together we have created a Popular and friendly space with high standards for guests from all over the world. In the future i expect the 2 seperate aspects of what we are working on to come together for a bigger hopefully Spiritual purpose.........................


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