Mount Pleasant

A traveler might chose to come to our place to get a genuine non P.C. experience inside irish one time "Normal life" if there ever was such a thing :) Those who like to learn new things will learn stuff they never expected ( perhaps weather permitting) if they are here for more than a couple of weeks. We are close to great local village. Half an hour from the city centre and our own place is an increadable place in its own right situated on 7 acres overlooking the "River Liffey " we have our own small "forrest" there is also the fantastic st. Catherines park just 500 metres away. I have been hosting volenteer exchange workers since 2005 here as it is such a natural use of the property here.

I am in my early 50,s with a young spirit. In the past i was a construction contractor and i trained many "Apprentices" to become Plumbers over a 20 year period. I am experienced with many aspects of construction restoration and in perticular re-using Salvaged quality materail to create something worth doing. Rooms here have been available to rent through this past 3+ years where there are many reviews, the object has been to create a Popular and friendly space with high standards for guests from all over the world. In the future i expect the 2 seperate aspects of what we are working on to come together for a bigger even bigger Spiritual purpose.........................


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Me senti desrespeitado por algumas atitudes do anfitrião, como gritar por eu ter entendido diferente do que me foi passado. Sugiro que a comunicação seja mais alinhada e que o diálogo como pessoas normais, sem gritos, seja o caminho para ajustar os pontos que precisem ser revistos. Respeito, intercâmbio cultural, energia positiva, e paciência quando preciso, é o que eu espero, em troca de minha mão de obra voluntária. Reciprocidade. Não tive.

about 2 months ago



Sean é uma pessoa muito especial, muito receptivo e generoso. Extremamente respeitador e muito atencioso, o local e muito grande, possui muito trabalho do mais simples ao mais complexo.. É uma excelente oportunidade de desenvolver a língua, conhecer o pais e interagir com novas pessoas e culturas. Indico local com toda certeza e muito lindo e próximo da natureza e possui pessoas do bem e receptivas.

5 months ago



Actually it was my first Worldpackers experience. After 1 year in ireland, I decided to get this experience because I would like to be in contact with a real Irish lifestyle, and consequently refresh my mind and maybe save some money.
I spend one month on this place, and my expectations were fulfilled. I expected to improve my skills and I realized that and much more.
I could practice English a lot, and in Sean’s place we talked about everything. Everybody in that place are kind and respectful. I had the best experience ever. Thanks Sean and Family! 😁

7 months ago



Mi experiencia fue EXELENTE! Desde el primer momento me e sentido como en casa! Sean es una persona excepcional que en pocas horas ya es un amigo nuevo, siempre está a disposición para cualquier necesidad que uno necesite! El lugar que te brinda para hospedarte tiene todas las comodidades necesarias! Los trabajos son muy fáciles de realizar ya que cuenta con todas las herramientas necesarias.
En definitiva solo tengo palabras de agradecimiento a Mount pleasant y a Sean por abrirme las puertas y dejarme participar de sus proyectos. GRACIAS!!

11 months ago

Sean replied

You Are a 'Gent' Felipe..

Hope yous both are keeping well..

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