Mountain hut Jure Franko,Trebevic mountain

Travelers are going to meet interesting people.
Exchange coltural experiences, gain new friends.
Enjoy exceptional views.
Hike unspoiled nature...

Volunteers are treated as part of the family. Fair share of activities and fun for everyone. I'm a mountain climber outdoor enthusiast and a member of mountain rescue. Experienced team lider capable of managing people according to their skills and capabilities. No presure is my main moto.


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This was my first volunteering experience and it was a great one! Primoz can be stern at times but overall he was a great host. The other volunteers became like a family to me and I’m truly greatful.
We were with 6 volunteers but normally there are around 2 and there still was enough room for everyone.
You can plan your own free days in the week which you can go to Sarajevo and enjoy the night there or hike around. It’s about a 45 minute walk down to the cable cart.
It’s a great place to meet locals and talk and exchange. I’ve learned a lot from this place.
Thank you Primoz and Golga!

5 days ago



Jure Franko is an hut mountain not a resort , please keep that in mind before applying for that experience, because if you need  comforts, you won't be suitable for going there.
Life in mountain can be really hard sometimes, and getting Sarajevo takes a while  without a car. If you go there  aiming to  appreciate simple things you'll have an extraordinary experience like I had.
The nature and the air quality are wonderful, the local people are extremely kind and welcoming, I met so nice folk and spend excellent moments with the others volunteers.
Thank you Primoz for the opportunity!

6 days ago



This experience has great potential! It is very remote so take that into consideration, but it is great to get in touch with nature, hike Sarajevo, and talk to locals. I would 100% recommend but take into consideration the toilet is not necessarily a "drop" toilet, it is more a hole in the ground where you squat over, so sometimes it can be a bit smelly and you have to push the remains to the side to make room so the toilet can continue to be used and not overflow.

18 days ago



Was a nice experience living and sharing with people in a mountain. Primoz and Goga was very kind with all the staff and the local people is very nice! I recommend this place to live a different experience and enjoy the beautiful views of Sarajevo. I´m completely grateful with them and I hope to see them again. Thank you for everything!

27 days ago



I left the hut but the hut won't ever leave from me. It's really a magical place in the middle of the woods, with an incredible view, peace and the owners are so nice people. It's literally an opportunity to connect with yourself and nature. There's no bathroom but for me showering at night under the moon's light was just magical. I hope I can get there anytime soon,it's an experience you don't want to miss. Thanks for the opportunity, the The best volunteering ever!!!

2 months ago

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