Mountain hut Jure Franko,Trebevic mountain

Travelers are going to meet interesting people. Exchange coltural experiences, gain new friends. Enjoy exceptional views. Hike unspoiled nature...

Volunteers are treated as part of the family. Fair share of activities and fun for everyone. I'm a mountain climber outdoor enthusiast and a member of mountain rescue. Experienced team lider capable of managing people according to their skills and capabilities. No presure is my main moto.


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Es una experiencia única y genial, el baño funciona como baño "seco" me costó adaptarme al inicio, pero va en cada persona (chicas, es mejor no subir para los días de la regla)
Dormí en colchonetas, eran cómodas. Lleva repelente para todo tipo de bichos porque la última semana resulte bastante picada al dormir.
El trabajo fuerte es el fin de semana pero es sencillo, lleva un libro o descarga pelis para los días libres, no hay wifi, compra chip.
Primoz y Goga se ven con cara de enojados pero son muy muy amables y buena onda.
Nota: Si eres fan de snacks, llévalos porque en la montaña no hay :)

8 days ago



Es mi primer voluntariado y la verdad que me dejo más que conforme es un lugar único y exacto para mejorar Ingles como fue en mi caso. Primoz y Goga son muy Buenas personas y cocineros 👏🏼😅.Las tareas a realizar no son complejas , desconectar y disfrutar esa es la idea del lugar y sobre todo dejar un granito de arena de cada uno de nosotros

about 2 months ago

United States


For me this was very good. I got to meet all kinds of people that are local, or traveling on the mountain. Very beautiful nature for hiking and the people are great. There’s also a cat and dog to keep company on the slower days it’s a nice balance of alone time and being around people

2 months ago



Priner volunteering in an incredible place. Very grateful to Primoz and Gora for their hospitality. The tasks of the place are; Reception and attention to mountain walkers (guess), on the days that they are not there they must take care of the pets, feeding them and taking them out to relieve themselves. The city is about 13 kilometers away and it is not to visit daily. (time and costs) Primoz is an excellent chef so they will eat well. They will enjoy a great human quality of the guess who are in the majority very good and kind people. Note, if possible, bring something for your personal hygi

3 months ago



First I wanna thanks Primož and Gorana for hosting me there. It was an amazing time, very chill, relaxing yet very thrilled. I got to say, for those that really want to connect with the nature, this is the perfect spot. Everything, the locals, the landscape, the forest, the history and the Hut, it was an amazing experience. The tasks there were very simple, just keep the house clean, socialize and keep the eyes on Dexter(I loved this dog). Just a reminder, it might be uncomfortable at first, because is at the top of a mountain, but quickly starts to feel cozy and pleasant to be there. Enjoy!!!

3 months ago

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