Mountain Paradise

We live in a beautiful home surrounded by 18 acres of land and peace with and spectacular panoramic view. So, not only you will be connected with nature but also learn more about the local life here in the mountains of Puerto Rico.

25 Random Facts about us 1. My middle name is Milagros So, that's why everyone calls me Milly. Eventhoug Alexis doesn't have a middle name he prefers that people calling him Alex. 2. We speak Spanish & English. Spanish is our first language, and English I learned it by watching cartoons in English when I was a kid. And Alex learn it here at home with us. 3. I have 3 brother, no sisters.  Yep that's correct!, I'm not afraid of anything,  my brother make sure of that. 4. We LOVE the Ocean, Christmas, Running & Mexican food. 5. We love seeing people happy. 6. We love to laugh. 7. My "favorite music" varies depending on my mood.  …but I also have an embarrassing obsession with Andrea Bocelli and violins(I bought a violin because I want  to learn how to play it one day). Alexis mostly loves pop music. 8. I got my first tattoo almost 5 years ago - a scorpion on the back of my neck ( that's my zodiac, I was born Nov 1st  ). 9. We have almost a "good diet". I LOVE fruits, vegetables and cooking ;). We don't eat meat or dairy. But we LOVE WINE and a very cold Heineken beer while we're at the beach or after a very hot day. 10. We love dancing! we are a little shy at first, but after we start dancing no one can stop us. 11. I LOVE ADVENTURES & outdoors!  hiking and expecially getting lost. Alexis just LOVES sports and gym. 12. Unlike most women I don't like shopping malls, nor shoes, nor purses. And Alexis is REALLY happy for that lol. 13. Our favourite meal is Mexican!! I love chips with wakawaka (this it's my term to say guacamole) and Alexis LOVES the Fried beans & a good margarita. 14. I love working and I totally don't mind mornings or waking up early in a good mood, singing “ BUENOS DÍAS" (GOOD MORNING in Spanish). 15. My ideal evening is outside in our terrace with a glass of wine and chatting in good company while listening to nature in the background. Alexis favourite evening would be having a cold beer in a baseball stadium watching a game. 16. I've been with my husband Alexis for nearly 17 years now – we spoke for the first time in on our last year of College, and with this information you can more or less figure out  our age ;). 17. I have two amazing kids Pito 16 & Kike 12. Pito LOVES art, and Kike YouTube. 18. I have a bachelor degree in Business Administration- Accounting, an a Whole Food Plant Base Diet Certification. 19. We believe that junk food tastes so good because it's bad for you. 20. I hardly ever wear shoes . I just find them uncomfortable. So 90% of the time I'm barefoot. 21. The next new destination on our must-GO list is Minnesota & Michigan to visit Familly and our extended new Family. I can't wait!!! 22. Our favourite animals are dogs. 23. I go through candles like it's nobodies business, and my favourite scent is cashmere woods. Mmmm! 24. We love traveling and making new friends. 25. And last and most important...         When I grow up I want to be a kid!!!!

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