Here is the proper reason and I think I might be correct in few aspects.You all must have fed up with your boring day to day lives in the metro cities upto now the alarming rates in increase in pollution levels is known to all but do you know far from the pollution,hustle and chaotic city life there are places for you yet to be explored fully in all forms and one such place is Joshimath also known as Jyotirmath. It is a gateway to several Himalayan Mountain climbing expeditions, trekking like valley of flowers, pilgrim centres like badrinath. It is very cold and hilly area and if you are lucky enough you will be able to see snowfall in the peak season.Snow covered mountains all around and a holy river flowing in the valley is surely a treat to watch. Tourist visiting here have multiple choices to engage themselves in various activities like they can visit pilgrimage sites,skiing, trekking etc. Since this place is very far from the city chaos it's a great place to find peace for both soul & mind and is a good place to try meditation.

Namaste.!!! Let me introduce myself to all of you and let's begin my story, So here it goes ..I am Vivek Rana from Joshimath, a small but a beautiful village situated in Devbhumi Uttarakhand amidst in the foothills of beautiful snow covered Himalayas is a truly bliss for nature lovers. By profession I'm a Civil Engineer but by choice I have become a Social Worker as I think if I will be able to bring a little change for the betterment of society then it would be no harm for anyone,in this thought process my family is a great supporter of my vision and ideas.We are a Garhwali (pahadi) Family of four people which includes my mother, father, grandfather and grandmother. My father was the village headman earlier and too is concerned with the betterment of our village and my mother is a homemaker. We have 1dog, 1cow and 2 calf which you can say is our extended family. To be honest we do not have any other extra income.So we would be enormously grateful if you could contribute 5 Euros per person per day for hosting you. (this will be 600 in indian rupees.)This is very important for the survival of the household and also to

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