Mudhouse Experiential Hostels

The Mudhouse Experiential Hostels is a community living experience for creators who want to share a Himalayan Cabin with diversely talented folks from across the country, and then some. The community is designed around activities and opportunities with a shared goal - create something together. • A traditional mudhouse built on stones, wood and mud. • Surrounded by converging pine trees and open blue skies. • Trek down the river, catching fishes or uphill to the waterfall; everything's just a fresh morning walk away. Augment the richness of your new habitat learning new skills, sharing your stories, building conversations, prototyping new ideas together or honing your own craft in your creative solitude. If you resonate with our idea, we await you at the heart of Himalayas with a creative space that is inspired by nature.

I am a film maker by profession and settled down in Himalayas 3 months back to create a space for people like us, us who wish to run away from the concrete jungle and create stories around conversations, and re create communities around. Volunteers would be like family in the mountains. :)

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Contact with nature