Mukutan Conservancy

For its unique setting and work environment :

Nested on the edge of the breathtaking Mukutan Gorge, which plunges deep into valleys filled with palms, vines and orchids and dotted with waterfalls and thermal hot springs, the Mukutan Retreat feels as far away from the rest of the world as you can get. It is Africa at its wildest- undisturbed and unpredictable.The unique setting, the silence and the evocative sounds of Africa, make the Retreat an exclusive hideaway for discriminate travelers, who wish to find a total communion with nature.

Our Project:

At our nature conservancy, we strive to ensure wildlife and local community’s welfare. Thus, in addition to the daily tasks of running the conservancy (ranger patrols, tourism, livestock management), we try to implement innovative, creative and sustainable ways of generating jobs and income and improving lives whilst maintaining an unwavering dedication to the preservation and flourishing of the biodiversity of the conservancy.

This really is an opportunity to make an impact. Be a part of this great initiative and diverse team of more than 200 people who have two commonalities : 1) an open heart and, 2) the determination to foster community and wildlife welfare, and protect our pristine open landscapes.

Working here, you can expect to have: 1) a high variety in the tasks you will be performing and, 2) freedom to express your particular skillsets in building . Our teams and staff are very friendly and joyfull and will not hesitate to help you out and teach you kiswahili along the way. Every day after work, we play football with whoever wishes to join us.


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