MUSIC !!! and more MUSIC :) ! Yoga, Meditation, Vegetarianism, Complementary Medicine.

Warm, fun, loving group :) We are a family ! Please come learn our culture, language, beautiful settings and sights. The yoga studio is on our farm in a trilingual setting (English/French/Spanish) and a bi-cultural town (French/British). Alain is true Normand man who speaks ONLY FRENCH ! Maria is Mexican-American. Due to covid reduced activities.

We treat everyone with love, an open heart, and as a member of our family. We are a team and help, support and encourage each other. We also give and respect each other's personal space. We make no distinctions, we are all equal: origin, nationality, religion, beliefs, language, customs. We love people and life ! :)

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Vegetarian / Vegan



Yoga / Meditation


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