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Our house is so close to the city center. Lots of parks and cafes around us for activities. Lots of university students are living in the same area.

I am living my son who is 5 years old. My best aim to teach him an English. We like to ride a bike, going to kids club and farm. We like to make lots of activities together. We can host only girls.


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Fera&Poyraz are very nice;I was warmly welcomed. Poyraz is a very great kid. From what I understand, my experience wasn't usual with them, as we spent lots of time out of the house with their friends. It was confusing regarding the time I should commit and what was expected from me. Feray clearly communicated with me about her expectations only after 1 week spent there. I acted upon it right away.The experience was very positive until it soured.Feray had hard days and couldn't express her feelings and thoughts as I'd have expected. We talked it through and finished on okay note. I left earlier

6 months ago



The three weeks that I have spent at Feray and Poyraz was wonderful and I'm sure I will remember it forever. It gave me the opportunity to experience and to learn about new things. I have learned about the importance of sharing, organic farming, sustainability, new educational perspectives and most importantly, I was able to immerse myself in the local culture: I've got to know a lot of wonderful people, to see the local part of Turkey and Feray made us the best turkish dishes. Also, she and Poyraz made me feel at home from the first minute, so I truly felt like I'm a part of the family.

6 months ago

United States


Feray is a great mother with a great vision for sustainability and education. She was welcoming, hospitable, kind and a great cook. However, I left early because this was not the right fit for me. They want a sister, someone to join their family and be part of their daily life, to constantly play with Poyraz and have create fun ways to teach him. I expected to be involved in the community, work with other children, explore the town, and help around the farm. Feray returned my gift and told me that it didn't mean anything coming from me and that I'm not fit for nonprofit work.

8 months ago

United Kingdom


Feray and Poyraz were amazing hosts! I felt truly immersed in the local culture and got to meet amazing people. Feray was so accommodating and even arranged for me to have baglama lessons. I spent time teaching music to Poyraz and also the families that Feray supports. Poyraz is a friendly, smart and caring kid and is a pleasure to teach!

10 months ago



I had the best time with Feray! I felt so welcomed and truely part of their family. I spent a lot of time working with Poyraz (her son) and the children from other families we were supporting. I also spent lots of time seeing different parts of Ankara with Feray and other families. The food was incredible and it was such a cosy home to live in. I’ve learnt so much about Turkish culture and I absolutely love it. Already counting down the days until I can come back!!

11 months ago

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