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Because. We are just 25 minutes away from the one of the happiest place on earth -Disney world -35 from Universal studios , one hour from Cocoa beach were is the NASA Kennedy Space Center and because we have in our heart and mind the experience of being in more that 100 cities worldwide helping people in homeless, women victim of prostitution, immigrants,orphans We speak English, Spanish and Portuguese. Because my wife is a good English teacher who made a. Cambridge certification as. English like a second language and i wrote 5 books about stories poems and Christian thinking's Greetings and Thanks for reading .We are working on forming a non-profit organization and private personal ecological ,spiritual and educational home retreat that in the long future goal can help single mothers, widows, immigrants, students, and orphans. .(the forming part means that is not living people with us yet) but while we try to adequate the house and keep the place on shape and try to create some workshops .for guess,immigrants and church community. in this moment we just need help in the house maintenance , cooking and personal teachings One of our missions as well is to fulfill the wishes and dreams of people in need .lonely ,broke heart. affected by illness. Or far from family and friends.Taking there to Parks meaning a ride .taking pictures .guiding and being a family spiritual for the person. There is here close by amazing places like Magic kingdom. Epcot .Hollywood studios Animal kingdom. Universal Studios. Island of adventure .Amazing aquatic parks like Volcano bay .thyphon Lagoon. Blizzard Beach. ESPN wide world of sports head quarter, Sea world. Aquatica. Legoland NASA. And the best beaches in America by famous magazines like water beach just few hours from home and 3 hours from Miami and Daytona beach. There are amazing experiences like be a princess in the castles. Diving with many kind of fishes at a indoor tanks. Riding balloons or helicopters for good prices feeling like an artist in an amazing karaoke theater at universal studios are. Feeding Wales. White Wales giraffes. orangutans.feeling like a circus artist at aerial circus experiences or feeling like a famous sport star in ESPN wide world of sport. We don't need to be close to death to make our dreams come trough. This is a peaceful healthy, home that is friendly (no alcohol or drugs of any kind allowed). The house is a good place for volunteers (ladies, married couples, and families only. ) and please if you are interested write your public profiles links please copy and paste your accounts URL from the websites. And Please red very well ALL our profile before contact us. We really appreciate VERY SOCIAL , HUMBLED ,KIND AND FUNNY MATURE .NO SELFISH PEOPLE WHO ENJOY LIFE .WHO ENJOY SHARE TIME . We are in a process of adoption two orphan girls , from South America ( Brazil ) with European roots . so any help related to know more about the life of girl is appreciate it, and our little adopted cat . More over the people interested in work with the children can use 5 of the 20 hours weekly in home ,HELPING THE BIG NONPROFIT GIVE KIDS THE WORLD , it is located 20 minutes from home and they help childrn under a terminal illness and their families to have a dream week in the disney parks . We are conditioning the house to do daily activities to help the community and church But i have a spinal problem that needs a eventual operation , and my wife has a tiredness problem. she works all day in a office located far from home and i am in charge of the house projects in home so We will really really appreciate any help in the strengths our healthiness and keep with energy and inspire to keep alive or hope in help others, any kind of help will be appreciate . As well any activity related to the workaday skill listed or any personal gift, performed in alternative hours, maximum 4 hours for day, COOKING IS ALWAYS A PLUS, in a nice atmosphere no pressure , no rush, restful fan , easy going environment . You all can help us with any of your gifts listed on the work away skills activities ,and With any health,fitness ,sport gym activities classes for language proficiency, artistic workshops, circus manifestation, and a variety of artistic manifestation or any another gift. We were traveling around 100 cities helping homeless, women, victims of prostitution, orphans ... so we have an idea of how to understand people. As of today, we have hosted more than 70 people at our home. and big part of our mission is listening the person and help in a forgiveness spiritual therapy . Our cozy, country home is located just outside of Orlando, in a historical Indian location in Florida. The home is located less than 25 minutes driving distance away from Disney World and 35 minutes from Universal, Sea World, and about one hour driving distance from Cocoa Beach where the Kennedy Space center (NASA) is located. We have big discounts for some of the parks ( 25% for tickets at Sea World and Acuatica) and 10 to 20% for merchandising in Disney and universal because we are annual member pass holders of Disney and Universal Studios. Also, close by our home, you can also find a major supermarket, shopping, banks, and pharmacies. Our house has around 15 trees, with wild animal life like white squirrels,Raccoons birds, butterfly , lizards, we have a cat too. We already host people from Sweden Norway,Bulgary ,Turkey ,Germany, China Japan, Taiwan, Malasya ,Russia, Argentina, Brasil, France, Spain, Italy , check republic Slovakia. .Colombia, .. The house is. Located on a final road, very private, It has a beautiful and serene setting for you to relax. and be close to the nature, in our hammock. Or out door chairs The house was built in 1957 it is a beautiful wooden, older house but with all modern supplies, internet, wifi, tv cable .a.c., security.own well water system purification. Is a city specially for get opportunities in the world of entertainment, (capital world of Entertainment) like opportunities of casting in Disney Universal, Sea world, NASA They have amazing events for holidays ,and non profits that help children with terminal diseases a The house has 3 bedrooms . The house has one bath, a complete kitchen, a combined living and dining space, 2 patios, a chicken coop, (no chicken yet )two garages and a small barn. big yard We try to eat very healthy .you all can cook in your own way few or at side salt no sugar .coconut and olive oil . almond soy or coconut milks. Organic no hormone eggs. Gluten free cereal .no many process food neater many cans . except for tuna. We eat fish salmon chicken and soy. And natural juices We would love if somebody can help , to share your own talents (only for 4 hours Part time, could be starting at 10 a.m or later for only four hours).divided in 4 activities ,inside or outside the house it could be perform in a flexible way .We would like that the volunteers feel free to create their own projects as well in any area, and specially in teaching languages, art, exercises, and/or sports ,fitness, acrobatic, circus ,dancing, ecological ,cooking biological, nutritional physical therapies or another ones. We also give the chance to the volunteers to share their classes and talents in touristic and nice environments We are very flexible for switch times The help as well could be in the cleaning of the house. Or cooking or in gardening,sowing vegetables, medicinal teas. house cleaning chores, like cleaning dishes, clotting, vacuum, moping, cleaning windows, painting... As well you all can participate in the starting an educative and entertainment youtube channel, where you can participate sharing your talents your life or acting . it could be in alternative times and days , If not anyway, we can talk about what you will prefer to do. Please have in consideration investigate about the transportation if you are no planning to rent a car, the bus transportation is slow and complicated so you may think in drive or car or ride with us in the transportation semi private that i have and is very affordable as a regular bus, just 4 dollars for distance that take 40 minutes or 40 dollars in a regular uber will be only 4 dollars , Also, we have a detached garage if you have a car. And a old car if you have a driver licence to drive. Or if you prefer enjoy a door to door . We hope you consider staying and resting as well with us soon! The best for you all. We have free passes for amazing gyms, and coupons for buffets. l , more reference on couch surfing i, helpx and workaway

With a lot an old friend , in the moments of fun like family in the moments in need .like teachers in the moment of illustrate.and strong in the moments of challege. We are Cool christian people no judge mental,kind a goofy We consider our self's a happy couple, kind, outgoing ,easy going friendly, so We will try to show God'slove .base on the true .way and life (Excellent ) 07/01/2019 Feedback left by you for Workawayer (Inés ) If you are looking for a happy experience, for turning challenging moments into gracious ones, for turning normal moments cute ones. Ines is a lady who also works hard. She is very humble and cool at the same time with a unique touch. She loves life and can make your life turn in a gifted one too. Thank you very much, Ines. (Excellent ) 31/12/2018 Feedback left by Workawayer (Tereza) for you My first workaway experience couldn’t be better. Joanna and Giovanny are truly amazing people, ones of a kind. I can’t even express how awesome my stay with them was. We did so many interesting things, every day was different and I simply loved it. Their house and property is something really great for nature lovers as I am, I enjoyed every single… read more (Excellent ) 28/12/2018 Feedback left by you for Workawayer (Tereza) have had in our home this gracious, super kind lady. She is very respectful, very helpful, polite. We shared special moments. She really cares for others in a genuine way and is committed to do her job in the best way. A gift from God this holiday season. (Excellent ) 10/10/2018 Feedback left by Workawayer (Marion) for you Those people are clearly incredible! I've spent an amazing week with them, as a member of the familly! Giovanni and Joanna are open minded, tolerent, patient and full of kindness! Being with them has been a lovely retreat! A blessing! (Excellent ) 30/09/2018 Feedback left by you for Workawayer (Milagos) How would you like to receive in your home a spiritual messenger from heaven with an awesome sense of humor? She helps you with your errors and projects, making you feel like a very important person in a genuine way. She makes me feel that our little goals and challenges have the same value for some body else. You can experience with her stay,… read more (Excellent ) 28/09/2018 Feedback left by Workawayer (Milagos) for you I have Just few world to say: You are part of my family now, i hope to see you soon on the following you will see some reference from workaway web site a similar to worldpackers i copy and paste in case that you are no able to red it 🕉️ (Excellent ) 15/09/2018 Feedback left by Workawayer (Lenka & Anna) for you Giovanni and Joanna are the most incredible and loving people which we have ever met. We spent 3 weeks in their house and we felt as we are at home. Our "white squirrels team" is unique and we adopted them as our family. Their house is full of love, happiness, fun and laught. We enjoyed every second which we could spend with them and hope we can… read more (Excellent ) 06/09/2018 Feedback left by you for Workawayer (Lenka & Anna) To belong is an amazing sensation, a wonderful ( báječný -check slovak word for wonderful ) way that this amazing team makes you feel, part of their lives. They adopted us for almost a month, our lives in their minds team, and made us to feel and live in an adventure reality daily like Friend’s (the tv show), but even funnier called the ‘White… read more (Excellent ) 15/08/2018 Feedback left by you for Workawayer (LUANNA & JEREMY ) Then if you have wondered about how the tenderness of God could possibly look like, the tone of such a sweet voice, the brightness in those eyes. Maybe you will recognize all these characteristics in God's daughter Luanna, one more beautiful picture of our father God. Even at her young age, she is very mature and a warrior. She’s an angel who… read more (Excellent ) 29/07/2018 Feedback left by Workawayer (Celine & Jeremy) for you I stayed only 10 days at Giuvanni and Joana house. It's a house of love and sharing experience. After this short time I feel more like a friend than a neutral person. Joana took time to correct my english and it was very important for me. They shared their believes and I shared mine even if it was very different, it was great to discuss about our… read more (Excellent ) 24/06/2018 Feedback left by you for Workawayer (Celine & Jeremy) Celine is a vivid prouve that heroes lives with us .her simplicity made her looks like an undercover warrior angel .she was fixing Every thing that she found broken with a own motivation and determination she fix .even our sorrows. With her dedication and love she inspire us .we learn with tears about the love of God for us.she is so incredible… read more (Excellent ) 04/06/2018 Feedback left by Workawayer (Jana) for you I spent with Joanna and Giovanny 1 week only but during this rich time I learned really a lot of things, adopted several thoughts and I very appreciate their open mind and caring about people. They cared out about me like I was their own and they helped me with my english language during our smart conversations and during preparation for my… read more (Excellent ) 03/06/2018 Feedback left by you for Workawayer (Jana) Jana was a spontaneous lady, very professional, and gentle, she help us with the setting of a new room for classes, in the home and garden, we expend time together in Disney, we have good conversations and she was very humble and mature and smart, we hope and pray for a great new family for her, (Excellent ) 03/06/2018 Feedback left by you for Workawayer (Nami) Nami is a very sweet heart, a girl who grew up in the country side. She is gracious and very humble lady who helped us always with a good attitude .She worked in the creation of a flower garden, and mowing, also she helped us with the house.She was very kind and open to learning . She left us with beautiful presents and with a special cute memory. (Excellent ) 19/05/2018 Feedback left by Workawayer (Yuka & Hinako) for you I had a great and precious time with Giovanny and Joanna. It was blessing for me to have this opportunity. They were very friendly and always treated me as like a member of their family. Also, they had a lot of experiences to visit foreign countries, so they understood and respected me very much. Hence, I felt comfortable during the stay. The… read more (Excellent ) 18/05/2018 Feedback left by you for Workawayer (Yuka & Hinako) Hinako is a kind young lady and was very respectful with us. She is humble and does not complain. She helped us planting in the garden, mowing, and picking up small wood sticks on our lawn. She also helped us in the house with cleaning the rooms and with a good attitude. She helped us with the teaching project - taking pictures of vocabulary… read more


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Conhecer esse recanto de Paz que se chama My Little World e compartilhar momentos únicos com a Joanna e o Giovanny foi um presente de Deus ! Sou imensamente grata pela oportunidade de conhecer vocês , e o projeto e missão que vocês tem em ajudar o próximo ! As tarefas que realizei no espaço foram fáceis e com flexibilidade , obrigada pela ajuda no idioma , mesmo na maioria do tempo eu falando português pra ajudar vocês também ! Obrigada mais uma vez pela oportunidade , ja sinto saudades dessa experiência inesquecível !!!




Amazing and grateful!
It was my first experience outside my country, and I felt I was with a beloved family. They are an amazing couple that do their best for make us home and happy. The place is in an calm and safe place near to Orlando (with special trees, beautiful white squirrels by neighbors...).
And the tasks are settled by ours habilities (just 4 hours/day).
In ours free time / days we used to go out to enjoy places (open parks, swimming pool...).
I am very Happy and thankful to God put them on my way, my new lovely family in US.
I definitely recommend them.




A really bad experience.




Uma das melhores experiencias da minha vida! Espero que muito voluntários tenham o prazer de conhecer essa família!
Aqui fica só minha gratidão por toda experiência vivida!
Obrigada, obrigada, obrigada!


Giovanny y Joanna replied

Camila Was an appointment with God's love, was an encounter with the tender of love for others , the concern, the genuine preoccupation for others, We adopt her in our heart .

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