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We give value, and give the best experience back. We treat you as a king/queen. A visitor in an African homestead, is indeed, a king/queen. We endeavor to give you the best out of your stay with us, each day, each minute!

I graduated into public health and I am a young leader and a social impact activist, I carry good leadership skills in the form of a team builder and mentor for fellow youth. I run MyStory organization that uses stories to inspire, connect and enable young people to turn their dreams to life also I coordinate most of the TLC programs. I am extremely delighted and excited to join this global movement of leaders engaged in civic engagement in areas like education, health, environment, human rights, and peace and in other wide range of themes. I am committed to speak up and take action to solve social issues and bring a social change in my community. I am passionate about giving practical help to those in need and showing them that there are people in the world who care about them.

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