Nama-Stay...from the Himalayas!

Aloha Volunteers! Nama-Stay is a treasure trove of imagination, art, music and meditation. A little bohemian home stay that lightens up your soul located in the picturesque Himalayan hamlet named Kanatal; abundant with pine and deodar forests. We are at a distance of about 80 kilometers (50 miles) from Rishikesh. As it is a Himalayan home-stay, it provides the volunteers an opportunity to embrace cultural diversity. A chance to learn more about the rural Himalayan nature and the lifestyle of locals. We feel that everyone has something to share. We welcome people from all walks of life!

Welcome home. The accommodation provided is a comfortable warm room in our home-stay on a sharing basis if we have more than one volunteer at a time. We have a well equipped kitchenette. We cook for the volunteers and in case the volunteer is willing to cook her/his own food they are welcome; all cooking utensils are available. We keep a stock of groceries and it is also available nearby. Toilets are neat and clean and are Western as well as Indian squat. Food will work as part of the exchange Yes, we will offer food and we have a furnished kitchen. This facility will be provided to the volunteer including, appliances, utensils and of course the ingredients.

Perfect for you if you're looking for

Contact with nature


Contact with animals


Yoga / Meditation