Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, BC

There are many experiences we can share in our home; we breed and raise chocolate labradors so you must love dogs. We like hiking and kayaking and are happy to share these experience with you.

Jen runs a home based business out of an art studio in our home that teaches our community affordable arts and crafts classes. It's called Lost Arts Club ( ) there are many class preparation tasks that can be helped with.

We need help with some basic house cleaning all year round and in the spring and summer there is some gardening.

We are a middle aged, quiet and easy going couple who have enjoy hosting people from all over the world for many years. Our home is a rancher style on 1/3 of an acre in Nanaimo on beautiful Vancouver Island. We have a flexible work schedule and on your days off we can sometimes enjoy hiking, kayaking or exploring with you. We have a family and friends game night once a week which is a great way to get to know each other and practice your English if you need to.

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My experience with Jim&Jen in Nanaimo was very nice. I appreciate Jim's generosity, kindnes, and empathy to deal with people from other cultures. Damien is very good with strategic games. He is also very kind, thanks for the talks and walk we shared! Jen, as a host, provides you with a fully equipped place and full equipped tools thanks for the comfortable place.
They had a friend's birthday party that we assisted together, and I enjoyed it a lot. Also I had the opportunity to start the planting season! I helped with sowing, weeding, watering and organizing things.

My best wishes to you!

about 1 month ago



It was my first experience and it was wonderful and better than I thought it would be. They welcomed me very well and I felt like part of the family. Thank you for your patience with my English so we can communicate. This opportunity gave me better English, getting to know the beautiful city and meeting this welcoming family. Thanks

3 months ago

United States


Nanaimo is a beautiful area. Jen and Jim make your stay is extremely cozy, fully-equipped - with everything you need. Keep in mind, during the colder months, your activities will be indoors. I would recommend visiting during the warm/summer season for diverse activity options. I was lucky enough to help Jen’s business with marketing related materials and had lots of fun doing that. I also got to witness a newborn puppy! You will love the dogs and all the fun board game. Plus, the bus to downtown is a short walk away.

4 months ago



Fue mi primera experiencia y no pude haber escogido un mejor lugar. Jen y su familia me recibieron como uno más de la familia, disfrute cada cena y noches de juegos de mesa. Jen y Jim son personas muy ocupadas, pero abiertas siempre a resolver tus dudas. Las tareas en el estudio de arte de Jen son sencillas de realizar, entretenidas y relajantes. Tienen 5 labradores maravillosos, cada uno con su personalidad que lo destaca. Mi experiencia se desarrolló durante el invierno, definitivamente me encantaría volver en verano. Me voy infinitamente agradecido por la confianza que depositaron en mi

5 months ago



It was a good experience and showed us what it's like to live in another family's home.
The accommodation was great, we had our own bathroom and a comfortable, warm room.
The work wasn't challenging, it was easy to do.
Jen was very busy but we enjoyed helping her with her craft projects.
Jim is friendly, communicative, open to sharing his day-to-day life and a lot of fun.

We traveled around the city by bus and saw some beautiful places.
The experience was very worthwhile.

7 months ago

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