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We live in the middle of the forest and are in the process of establishing a food forest and conservation area.
It's a great place to learn about natural farming and witness the whole process of setting up a proyect, from planting to cultivating, building a house from scratch and just simple, home made life in the countryside :)
It's very peaceful and natural.
Taking baths in the creek, hearing and birds and monkeys, eating fresh chicken eggs and fruits and root vegetables grown here naturally are some of the most wonderful things about life here!

What we can offer you :)

We can share what we have been learning throughout time and by living here on the land like
* Healthy, wholesome nutrition from the land and local, traditional dishes
* Knowledge of local ecology, fruits and medicinal plants
* Regenerative farming methods like permaculture etc.
* Kombucha making
*bread making
* worm composting
* Reforestation and land management
* Practicing/Learning Spanish and English with us :)
* living simply in harmony with nature, local style and sustainable
*chopping wood with an axe, cooking with fire

And much more :)

Our vision for this place is to establish abundant food forests, including local and foreign varieties, using natural, regenerative methods like permaculture syntropic agriculture etc, so that we can eat mainly from what grows here.
We have lots of chicken, ducks, guinea pigs and rabbits, too, helping to give back life to this place and the soil.
In the areas that have been affected by erosion, we are planting different varieties of bambú, which we will also use for natural building and food source in the future.
In other areas, we are planting local hardwood and medicinal trees to help bring back varieties to the ecosystem that have gone extinct.
We are really just at the beginning of our project, so it can be very interesting for you to witness this process if you are curious. This also means that many things are still in progress and evolution and not as organized as we might wish.
Eventually, we dream of being a small sustainable community of a few families and private conservation area, which you are very welcome to join if you have a similar vision and like this place and project 🌱😊

Please, only write us if you're really interested and committed to helping!

We are a small family of three, our little girl is one year old. We have been traveling and doing volunteering work for several years before settling down in the rainforest area here in Perú and are very grateful to be now hosting ourselves and be able to build up our own home and proyect. We've built up this place by ourselves since two years and have been receiving volunteers since one year. Sadí usually takes the volunteers out to work on the land or build things around the house and sometimes we need some help cooking in the kitchen. We appreciate pro active people who are willing to help with all their heart and really want to learn. We like open and honest communication to have a good relationship and be able to live together in a joyful way. Our land is located in 40 mins ** WALKING/trek** distance from the village of Huipoca, we do not have road access yet! You need a backpack, it's not recommended to some with a suitcase because the way oasses through forest and hills. We usually go to the village once a week to buy food, if you stay longer and get to know the way you can also go there by yourself of course :) We are located 15km from a bigger town called Aguaytía.


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