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Hello, we are a group of friends and collaborators who decided to start an agricultural project. We want to maintain a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. We have been doing the project for three years. We live in a rural house surrounded by the Valencian hills and in the village of Meliana that is next to the fields that we cultivate. From Naquera it takes 30 minutes to get to Valencia, in a car or you can take a bus and subway that will last an hour and a half. Naquerà, the nearest town, is 20 minutes away and has everything you need (bank, post office, supermarket, bar, etc., etc.) Meliana has a metro nearby. In Naquera we live, with 4 dogs, 2 cats, 4 goats, chickens, a pig. The landscape around the house and its surroundings is beautiful. It only takes a short walk to get to the top of the hills with fantastic views of the city or the mountains, or you can explore more extensive terrain and get equally impressive views. A wonderful place to relax and reflect, with good Mediterranean cuisine. We speak Spanish, English, Italian and French. The aid consists of 5 hours in the morning from Monday to Friday. At 10 am each morning, as we work, we stop for 30 minutes to eat a sandwich that is included. The main part of the work in the fields consists in planting and harvesting vegetables and eliminating weeds. When necessary, we sometimes stay at home to work. This may include: cleaning, general housekeeping and, sometimes, carpentry and construction work. We are always open to new ideas for projects. So do not hesitate to recommend improvements Cultural exchange and learning opportunities Here you can work and develop your linguistic skills, develop your knowledge of agriculture, learn to prepare Mediterranean dishes and make amazing new friends. You will leave your comfort zone and make lifelong changes to who you are. Accommodation in Naquera we have two rooms dedicated to volunteers and in Meliana one. We can provide you with sheets and pillows if you wish. We will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner, always with the collaboration of all for a good maintenance of the places, the dinner is cooked among all promoting a spirit of collaboration! In Naquera we have Wifi that is good for Facebook and WhatsApp, but it is slower for YouTube and streaming movies.

As said above, we believe in sustainability and personal growth. The days pass pleasant, some day in the field is harder than another, do not be afraid to get dirty and work! But relax ... The morning goes by fast! In the moments of rest we can share activities such as walks, yoga, meditation, massage, reiki or simply rest! Anyone who wants to teach and share their knowledge and experiences in everything related to care and personal growth, physical, spiritual is welcome!


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Mi experiencia en Naquera fue buena! Aprendí muchas cosas y todo fue como acordamos. Es un lugar ideal para conectar con la naturaleza. Si quieren más info futurxs voluntarixs, pueden escribirme por privado 🙌🏼😊

20 days ago



I had a great time, loved the people, felt like family 💕
The place is beautiful and sweet, I spent a lot of time outside which I loved. Work is not too hard and only from morning till midday so with the time after and the weekends off there’s a lot of free time. Can recommend everybody to go!

2 months ago

United Kingdom


We came for two months and loved every second of them.
Pierre was a great host, he showed us a lot about nature and the way of life there.
Kev is an absolute legend, he’s truly become a really good friend of ours.
Bet was a super man, we love him.
And Max is mental but in a great way.
This has been our second home, we have loved this experience and would love to come back in the future to see this family again. Thank you for having me and John ❤️

3 months ago

United States


Beautiful life-giving project surrounded and founded by strong and loving energy. The work in the fields is very satisfying, and fulfilling. My connection to nature, appreciation for nutritious food and community has greatly expanded here. Pierres love and dedication for growth, community, health, and abundance is deeply inspiring. His openness to connection, compassion, and presence is the type of energy that makes you never want leave. The power he and his program holds is going to change the world. Completely loved my experience in Náquera, with Basquetaires and this beautiful family.

5 months ago

Pierre replied

Gracias infinitas, sumando tu energía se aumenta la posibilidad de trasformación!



C'était une expérience très enrichissante socialement et au niveau du travail. J'ai eu l'occasion de rencontrer des superbes personnes (Kevin est extrêmement bienveillant et le rencontrer a était l'un des points les plus positifs de mon séjour !). Au départ, le travail peut sembler difficile car des douleurs en bas du dos se font ressentir, mais après avoir passé cette étape j'ai trouvé le travail très satisfaisant à réaliser. Si vous voulez vivre en communauté, partager votre culture et découvrir des personnes superbes, je vous conseille vivement d'aller faire un tour là-bas !

5 months ago

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