Natural High Beach Cafe & Homestay

This is great for those wishing to experience the real Thailand and to learn simple, natural, lifestyle skills such as growing, cooking, building using all that surrounds us in a eco friendly way. All of our skills and ideas would be shared with you. In return we require someone for mainly outdoor work in the grounds, someone who has basic gardening, carpentry, plumbing and maintenance skills. Best if you are a "people person" as we have guests arriving here daily from all over Thailand and the rest of the globe so wearing a big smile and being kind and helpful is very important. You can find out more about our place on Tiktok, FB, Instagram etc

We treat our staff like family and they never let us down. Certain chores cannot go unattended to as our environment sustains us. We do not ask anyone to do anything we would not do ourselves, except perhaps shim up a coconut tree lol ( joke) We have comfy accomodation and are so happy that people from overseas are finally returning.


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The place is beautiful. Sarah is a nice host and has many life stories to share. I learned a lot from her. The place is very quiet so, if this is your style, you will love it. The city is a little far away so you need a motorbike to have more freedom in your free time. English is not understood by most local people and so communication is sometimes difficult but it can also be fun. The activities are not difficult and although I have no experience, I believe I have contributed. Unfortunately, I had to leave earlier because I fell on my motorbike. Thanks, Sarah, success, and joy on your way.

9 months ago

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