Nature Resort in Shimanto

Many volunteers and guests described our resort as a retreat, after the busy life in large cities and travelling around for long. In the countryside, time flows slowly. We are located in the deep countryside, so there are not many activities: make your own entertainment! We require volunteers to work 4h per day, which leaves plenty of free time! Between the mountains, with a river flowing inside the property, you can relax by the river. Play badminton or croquet on the open ground. Look up at the starry sky at night. Explore the surroundings by bike or by walk. Talk with the local grannies and they may give you some fruits or vegetables! Get away from the cities and enjoy countryside!

We are currently 2 permanent staff (1 Japanese guy and 1 French girl). Our management team is not perfect and may not always seem as attentive as you wish it would be as the business demands their complete attention. However, we usually have about 1-3 volunteer helpers at a time so you can always have a chance to get acquainted with people from other countries.

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