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We are professional yet fun. We will always go out of our way to make sure that our volunteers experience Cape Town in the best possible way. The activities that they will be assisting us with are fun so doesn't feel like 'work' more like 'exploring' and who wouldn't want to explore our magical Mother-City.

Our dream team are a friendly bunch. They are used to having volunteers at the property and therefore know how best to direct and support them.


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It was a great experience for me! You get to meet many different people around the hostel and everyone was very welcoming :) Especially the other volunteers. although I did not speak much with my host in person, she always tried to stay in touch to make sure everything was going okay.

9 months ago

Kamva replied

Jeremy! Sorry for the super delayed response.

Jeremy assisted us with a few marketing videos for our hostel. They were really arty and we absolutely loved the outcome. We often use the wine tour video for promoting this tour (in-house mostly) and the feedback is always great.

Jeremy is very talented at what he does and we recommend him as a videographer.

Jeremy, as you know, should you ever want to do something similar with us again, we would happily have you back at the hostel.

Safe travels,

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