Noyadd Trefawr

Beautiful countryside. Historic house. Close to wonderful beaches. You will help to make our garden and house restored and beautiful for all our guests and preserve it for the future.

It is just Quentin and Natasha who live at Noyadd Trefawr with our cat Chumley. We have two grown-up daughters who sometimes visit and many friends. We usually have just one volunteer at a time. Natasha used to be an English teacher and Quentin is learning Welsh.

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My experience at Noyadd Trefawr was great! Natasha and Quentin are lovely hosts. The activities were discussed every day (all related to gardening, cleaning or redecorating). I really enjoyed doing all of them! They explained how to do everything and they provided all the tools and safety equipment needed.
I had a private room which was really comfortable and the food was just AMAZING! Natasha is an excellent cook! The house is surrounded by nature and there are pretty towns nearby. They even lend me a bike!
I felt at home at Noyadd Trefawr and I definitely recommend the experience!

2 months ago



Dear next volunteer,
Noyadd Trefawr was my first trip as a worldpacker and Natasha and Quentin knew how to make it an unforgettable memory. They are hosts who take the time to get to know you, patient and funny, the tasks are well explained and there will always be someone to help you if needed.I'm going through all the comments but Natasha cooks like a 5-star chef! And for your Off days, all you have to do is get on the bike to reach the surrounding towns or the beach. They will give you some great recommendation! All this to say thank you to both of you for everything ❤️🌟

3 months ago



I literally could not have asked for a better first volunteering experience.
Quentin and Natasha are incredible highly educated people that have lots of knowledge to share.
Since day one I felt at home, specially at dinner time.
Cholmondeley the cat is the wise gatekeeper of the house.. He is very very old but still has lots of love to give.
Noyadd Trefawr is a enormous incredible place that will make you feel as you were in a film from the Victorian era.
Thank you so much!

4 months ago



Natasha and Quentin are really nice and friendly people. I stayed with them for two weeks, and it was a great experience. The spacious house and generous hospitality made my stay truly enjoyable. Natasha is an excellent cook. They also helped me with my English. They even let me use their bikes to explore the beautiful nearby places. I enjoyed exploring the Wales Coast Path. I highly recommend this experience! Thank you very much for everything!🥰

7 months ago

United States


Natasha and Quentin are both such warm and welcoming hosts. Work hours are respected and meals were always amazing! The house and property are beautiful and the work on the property is fulfilling and I learned more about gardening as well which was amazing. I can’t say enough how nice my stay here was, I enjoyed the walks on the grounds after work, reading and relaxing in the afternoons, amazing dinners from Natasha, and just taking in all the experience had to offer. I would highly recommend if you want a quiet stay with good hands on work experience!

9 months ago

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