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First of all, I am thankful to Morita-san because I learned many things while doing my first volunteer in Japan. This place is big and really traditional so if you want to experience some local interaction and a real ryokan, I highly recommend it!
I enjoyed good food made by Morita-san. I also did many different tasks but my favourite was the reception time, so if you know Japanese that's better because you can learn more from it. I was so happy because I made some good friends here, so I hope everyone can experience and spend some time in Nozaru!

about 1 month ago


Great Experience in Nozaru Hostel. Japanese traditional hostel in a beautiful location.

5 months ago

United States

Host - Anna is very kind, nice, and knowledgeable of fun activities and locations to visit while in the immediate area. However, during the hours of work, the description may say household chores & admin, but be prepared for ANY & ALL work request.

Hostel - There is access to the onsen (hot springs) on site and the public ones in near walking distance if you request the key. The meals provided you cook yourself.

Overall - The experience was not exactly what I expected but I partially attribute that to it being winter. Great for young adults. I suggest staying no more than 1 week.

9 months ago