Oasis at the edge of the Sahara

Hello dear people! We are a Tuareg-Berber family, from the south of Morocco. We used to live as nomads in the Sahara and travel from place to place. After many years, we settled down in a small village near Zagora. The house is based in a calm area, and you will find yourself in a green oasis consisting of date palm trees and the gardens. We have two shared rooms where people will sleep. One big, long room and a smaller room next to it. The rooms are inside the house which we will be working on, and the whole house is made of mud (mud bricks). We have mattresses, sheets, blankets and pillows for everyone who will stay here. At this moment we still have no doors in the rooms, but we close the rooms with carpets. The whole building has an entrance of two big doors. We also have a Moroccan toilet and shower, which can be closed by a door. The place where we are settled can give you a good experience to get many ideas about the basic way of a nomadic life. For a moment you can discover and understand how technology can change your life and at the same time it is a good opportunity to enjoy some quietness and escape from the rush of modern life for a period. The weather here is sunny every day, you will enjoy beautiful sunsets every evening and at night you will see the millions of stars in the sky. We would love to meet people from different backgrounds and all kinds of cultures. By this way, we hope to exchange the cultures and different knowledges and ideas from all over the world. Since we have learned a lot from our parents and grandparents, it will be our pleasure to share with you in return this knowledge of our basic Bedouin life and to show you the Sahara desert. We will be very happy to host you here!

My name is Said. I come from a big family that is descended from the Touareg-Berbers. For many years, we moved from place to place in the Sahara desert. After the drought hit the area so strong, we decided to stop at the edge of the desert, in the Daraa Valley. The house I am working in now, was abandoned for a long time. Now, I decided to come and work here, so I could bring new life into the place. My father, Mohammed, visits the place every day. He comes with our donkey, to help in the gardens and in the house.

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