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My home is a 10 minute walk from downtown in a gorgeous area plus I have bikes. Victoria is one of the top ten cities in the world to visit and my place is located in the best neighbourhood in the city, I have guests from all over the world and we do daily cleans or what I call turnovers. Easy work with a maximum of 4 hours per day. i provide sleeping accommodations in a Westfalia campervan and basic food supplies. I have worked with workaways for over 9 years and everyone has loved it here. I do have two Havanese pups and a number of kitties so you must love animals. I do not smoke or drink and prefer people that have a healthy lifestyle. Also I much prefer people that can stay for at least two months as there is a learning curve with the job and it just works better with being trained.

I have owned my home for 43 years and I am an avid traveler. I flew with my two Havanese pups to Europe in January and wild camped in a campervan for over 3 months. I treat my staff extremely well as I know what it is like to be on the road in a strange place and how I would expect to be treated if I was doing this kind of job.


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Dianne was a great host with an amazing property. Flexible days allowed me to explore Victoria bicycling around with amazing views which Dianne was more than accomodating to. Close to downtown and super accessible an excellent stay overall.

3 months ago



From the minute I arrived I felt welcomed and comfortable. Dianne is super friendly and always ready to do stuff with you. We often went hiking and she showed me the most beautiful places in the area. If you like being in nature and go hiking, this is the perfect place for you! Her two dogs are so cute and she also has some cats that I immediately fell in love with. The work here is easy and more than fair, but you have to pay attention to the details and the location in the middle of the city is great for exploring the city and the culture.
Thank you for everything it was amazing!

4 months ago

Dianne replied

Jolina is what everyone would want in a Worldpacker. Super helpful and loves to learn new things. Was a total joy to spend time with and one day I will visit her in Germany. Oh and her Xmas cookies are the best!



This was my 2º Volunteer at WorldPackers and I Loved it. I learned a lot about AirBnb Management, Cleaning (on a good standard), Space organizing, and even maintenance and dealing with people and guests. I'd love to come back and visit Dianne, the puppies and the cats. Such a good energy! The place is alive! Dianne is a businesswoman who likes nature and has a lot of life experience, she even took me for hikes (that I loved), and she's open to teaching, talk, and advice. She is straight about work and what needs to be done. I had a wonderful experience. Thank you for the opportunity Dianne!

5 months ago

Dianne replied

Tony is the kind of person everyone should have in their life. Just a great guy with lots of love for life and hope he comes back to visit!

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