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One of ancient capital of Japan, a famous historic city named Kamakura is surrounded by full of nature, like beaches, hills, trails, old temples in the forest, various kind of birds, and so on.
Time flow slowly, people are basically down-to-earth and easy-going, foods are nice, there are so many small & cozy cafes and restaurants in town.
So you can stay here in peace, and all the atmosphere will relax you.

I'm so easy host, and all our staff members are very independent. So no one will take you care too much, but we always care about you. We want you to be yourself, you don't need to adjust to Japanese way.

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my kamakura experience wa superb. the hosts were kind and accommodating. there were three hostels and volunteers will be assigned in any of the hostel to do the night shift reception. the tasks were easy which give you ample time to explore the place as well as Tokyo ( 1hr by train) and Yokohama (20min by train).
Kuni san and Ai san always prepare delicious meal for the volunteers.I really appreciate this.
will definitely recommend and come back in the future! :))

9 days ago



It’s really a wonderful volunteer opportunity. I would highly recommend this hostel to anyone who wants to have a try. You won’t regret it. The volunteers were so friendly. The staff were really nice to me. Kuni at Wander Kitchen provided us with delicious food. Everything is fun there. I only stayed there for two weeks because of my visa, definitely will apply for it next I visited Japan.

23 days ago

United States


kamakura is spectacular. wish i could have stayed longer! Kuni is very kind and respectful. he responds promptly to any concerns you may have + adjusted the meals to my allergies. he even changed a day i was meant to work so that i could go do other things before leaving. :) one thing i didn't love was the room i stayed in above the cafe (not hase house). it was quaint but i had issues with dust and there was no proper shower/laundry. had to shower/laundry at the hostels when working which was not bad, but inconvenient. the work was easy and gave plenty of time to explore japan & have fun.

24 days ago

United Kingdom


Staying with Kuni was a wonderful experience and everyone you get to meet in Kamakura is lovely, both the volunteers and the day staff at hostels. You normally work two or three days a week from 7pm to 11 pm, then sleep at the hostel and work again in the morning from 8 am to 10am.
We lived in a guesthouse a 20 minute walk away from where you eat and work and it’s great just a little dusty and has no kitchen.
Kuni is a great host and I can’t wait to come back to Kamakura :).

25 days ago

United States


My stay in kamakura was a very beautiful and peaceful experience. I met so many amazing people from the Japanese day staff at the hostels to the other travelers at hase house/wander kitchen. The food made by kuni was always very delicious and he would even adapt the meals to our dietary needs. (The times we would eat was once at 11am (brunch) and once at 6pm(dinner).)Both kuni and Ai San were very respectable, kind, and firm.

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- work hours differ for each hostel
- a lot of interactions with guests
- you will sleep at the place you work overnight (3 times a week usually)

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